More Kicks For Kids – 3 Kona Bikes For Your Offspring

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We’d already seen the bikes for big kids at Sea Otter: a carbon Process 153, a Big Honzo 27.5+ hardtail, and a nice Honzo ST in a special 30th birthday limited edition. Like many other 30 year olds however, Kona has started to turn its thoughts to children, and has introduced three new bikes for kids which will give youngsters the chance to emulate their idols (their parents – obviously, not Connor Fearon).

kona process 24
For those with a gnarly paper round

First up, and on display at Eurobike, there is the new Process 24. Based on the adult Process, this is a full suspension bike with 24in wheels. A 100mm Manitou Machete provides the bounce up front, while a RockShock Deluxe R Solo Air has rear suspension covered. Shimano hydraulic brakes with 180mm rotors keep things under control, while a 30T chain ring and 11-42T 10 speed cassette provide the go. Positioned up high on the stand, we weren’t able to pick it up, and we understand it’s not especially light weight, but for kids who are riding hard and perhaps even using uplift this may well be of interest.

The Process 24 will retail at £1,799. Kids, you’d better get doing the chores.

The Honzo 20 – not on display at Eurobike.

Not on display but also in Kona’s new kids’ range are the Honzo 24 and Honzo 20. As you’d expect, these are hardtails with 24 and 20 inch wheels. The 24 will retail at £649, and the 20 at £549. The 24 comes with 65mm of travel thanks to a Spinner Grind air fork, while the 20 has the same fork with 50mm of travel. Both come with Tektro HDM286 Hydraulic brakes.

Maybe a Honzo 24 for your youngster?

Kona says it is keen to work on its kids’ range in future – young brand loyalty could pay off in the long run – so it’ll be interesting to see what else they come up with. It would be great to see a top quality plus-proportioned rigid bike – a mini Unit perhaps? Which, incidentally, wasn’t on display but is still in the Kona line-up.

kona process 153
Kona Process 153 hangin’ around
eurobike stweb18 kona process 153
What colour would you go for?

For a look round the Kona stand, check out our live video here:

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