Five Ten Goes Retrotastic

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Looks like our Amanda might have been right with her predictions, as sticky shoe makers Five Ten has brought out some retrotastic casual shoes which bring together ’90s retro with modern technology.

eurobike 2018 stweb18 fiveten
Pastels and contrasting panels
eurobike 2018 stweb18 fiveten
Integrated tongue

Harking back to the days before Five Ten made bike specific shoes, the Five Tennie looks like a shoe of old, but has modern features like a Stealth S1 sole for grip and integrated tongue to give a snug fit and help keep debris out. You don’t have to go full multicolour, but why not when they’re this pretty? There are both men’s and women’s fits in both quiet and loud colours, so there should be something for all tastes. Strictly speaking, they’re part of the ‘Outdoor Collection’ rather than bike specific, but with that Stealth S1 sole they’ll be quite happy pedalling. These will retail at £99.95

eurobike 2018 stweb18 fiveten

If you want something that’s still casual but a bit more modern in look, then there’s the new Sleuth DLX shoe. This has a non-marking marathon rubber sole (so you can wear them in the gym hall without getting told off!) that is still technical and grippy, but the uppers are geared towards those who like to wear their Five Tens to the pub – perhaps even when they haven’t just been for a ride. These will sell at £84.95.

eurobike 2018 stweb18 fiveten
For those who take their footwear seriously

If you’re far too professional for all that leisure business, then there’s the new Kestrel Pro BOA. These have been updated from their previous iteration, and now have a Velcro fastener across the toe to address some fit and pressure point issues that longer distance riders had reported. The BOA keeps the shoe snug and tight, while the heel has been shaped and features one-way sticky grip fabric to keep the heel in contact with the footbed. Lighter than the earlier model but still super stiff, these are for the performance and enduro side of the market, and will come with a price tag of £159.95.

eurobike 2018 stweb18 fiveten
Matchy matchy!

Really really want your shoes to match the rest of your kit? Then good news, as Troy Lee Designs and Five Ten have a collaboration. The Kestrel Pro Boa and Impact Pro will both come in a TLD edition to match the kit. Looks like TLD will be offering red outfits next year then?

All the above shoes will be available no earlier than February 2019.

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