Mega Gallery: 29 Top Bikes Of Eurobike 2018. How Many Of Them Will Be e-Bikes?

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For 3 days we have haunted the halls of Eurobike, powered by nothing more than strong coffee and salty pretzels. Actually, that’s a complete fabrication of the truth. Eurobike 2018 has been amazing, there has been plenty to see, some good food, genuinely good coffee (if you know where to look), and the weather has been stunning, not to mention the bikes!

We have seen every bike imaginable from all corners of the world. Some are exceptionally good-looking, some are just plain weird, and others managed to hit every god damn branch of the ugly tree on their fall back to reality.

Here are 29 bikes which we consider the “29 Top Bikes Bikes Of Eurobike”. They’re all ‘top’ for one reason or another, but that’s not to say they’re all good.

Raw Madonna Eurobike 2018
Trickstuff had this Raw Madonna on show built complete with Intend USD fork.
Kinetic Works Quintessenz
The Kinetic Works Quintessenz is mad, rad and very cool.
Sterling Silver Orange 5 XTR
We love the look of this Sterling Silver Orange 5 XTR.
The NS Movement 1 is one ssssssssick looking jump bike.
Muc Off Focus JAM
Here’s the first e-Bike of the bunch. A custom Focus Jam at the Muc Off stand.
Pipedream Moxie
There’s a Pipedream Moxie under there somewhere.
Nino Schurter's custom Scott Spark with retro paint job.
Nino Schurter’s custom Scott Spark with retro paint job.
And the vintage MTB it was based on.
It’s not even a mountain bike, but it’s soooo cool.
30th Anniversary Kona Honzo
There are only 201 of these limited edition steel Kona Honzos available.
Alchemy Arktos 29
Alchemy now offers the Arktos enduro bike as a 29er.
Lone Bicycles Beretta
The prototype Lone Bicycles Beretta looks super promising. We can’t wait to try one.
Alutech Fanes
What do you think of the 170mm travel Alutech Fanes?
Holy cow! We, don’t know where to start with this one!
hyper downhill bike
Hyper’s downhill bike looks like a 1970’s beach buggy.
Arc 8 FS120
The Arc 8 FS120 has been designed by engineers who have worked at Santa Cruz and BMC.
retro scott downhill bike
Scott Racing DHR from 1993.
Corratec Revolution
Corratec Revolution.
orange 329 downhill prototype 29er
Orange Strange 329 Prototype downhill bike is so light that weights can be bolted to the bottom of it.
77designz prototype 29er 160mm travel bike
Suntour had this prototype 29er on its booth. All we know about the bike is it has 160mm of travel, a high pivot and is made by 77designz in Germany.
Yes, it’s a time trial bike, but how could we not include this beauty?
NS Bikes Nerd Junior
NS Bikes Nerd Junior can be switched between 24in and 26in wheels.
Even e-Bike haters should be able to forgive us for this one. This Sycip has ENVE wheels, a chainsaw and fire extinguisher for goodness’ sake!
custom painted merida
KS had this on display. WOW!!
ktm scarp prestige
The KTM Scarp Prestige is a 90mm travel full suspension XC bike. This model weighs only 10.0kg without pedals, and it’s not the lightest in the KTM range!
wooden bike
It wouldn’t be Eurobike without a wooden bike, would it?
Pyro kids bikes
Pyro makes kids bikes for kids who are serious about riding. This 8kg bike has a fork with carbon steerer, there is an oval chainring and even XT gears.
nicolai geometron
This Nicolai Geometron sports a Gates carbon drive and Pinion gearbox.
project tokyo
We don’t have any info on this, but we all agree that it looks rad.

And there we have it 29 top bikes or Eurobike! We’re sure there are some in there that you love, and there are plenty that you hate, let us know which floats your boat in the comments section below.

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