Commencal Announces The “Arrogant, Impulsive, Manipulative” Clash

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After 3 days of Eurobike fun its hard to believe that there are bike brands not represented at the Messe (yeah, we speak German now), but plenty do choose not to participate and while we run around chasing the latest news these non-Eurobikers simply slip us press releases like it’s just another day!

Thankfully this one for the new Commencal Clash begins like this:

“CLASH, Your Personality!

When necessary, it knows how to be the good guy. Beautiful, charismatic, endearing, approachable, sociable, daring, dynamic, faithful, committed, sensitive and robust.

But deep down, this one is wild at heart. Aggressive, arrogant, impulsive, manipulative, resentful and stubborn.”

commencal clash

It sounds like the description of a shitty James Bond, doesn’t it? but this is actually the imaginary personality Commencal has given to its latest bike named the Clash.

commencal clash
180mm up front, 170mm in the rear. What couldn’t you ride?

The Clash is quite obviously based around the same platform as the Furious downhill bike, but in a single crown, 170-180mm package. Like its big brother, the Clash runs on versatile 27.5in wheels and is aimed at the freeride crowd, but freeriders who want to pedal and winch slowly to the top of hucks instead of shuttle.

commencal clash
It may look like the Furious but the suspension tweaked for better performance when pedaling.

A few suspension changes have been made to the Clash so the position of the main pivot point is further back and lower giving a better pedal platform, improved braking and stable acceleration. Kinematics have also been tweaked so that Clash riders can choose between running an air shock or coil model.

Every pivot point in the bike’s concentric rear triangle runs on high-quality Enduro bearings for longer life, and special attention has been given to high stress ares of the frame to ensure that these spots are strengthened to avoid failure. Just the peace of mind you need before hitting that road gap.

4 Commencal Clash models have been announced today with prices ranging from 2,199 Euros for the base model Clash Origin to 4,299 Euros for the Clash Signature with flashy orange Fox Factory suspension.

Commencal Origin
The base model Commencal Clash Origin costs 2,199 Euros with Rockshox suspension, Guide T brakes, and no dropper.
Commencal Clash Essential
The Commencal Clash Essential is 2,799 Euros with a Lyrik, KS dropper, and SRAM NX Eagle 12 speed.
Commencal Clash Race
For 3,499 Euros you can choose the Commencal Clash Race with Lyrik RC2, Spank Oozy 350 wheels, and Super Deluxe RCT coil shock.
Commencal Clash Signature
4,299 Euros gets you the Commencal Clash Signature complete with Fox Factory 36, Float DHX2 rear shock, E*13 TRS wheels, and SRAM GX Eagle.

Commencal has gone for a soft launch for the Clash with pre-orders kicking off today on the Commencal website, and delivers expected later in the year.

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    “The Clash is quite obviously based around the same platform as the Furious downhill bike”.
    Looks neat enough, but the geek in me was hoping for something based more on the latest Supreme

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