Interview: David Turner – “You’re either ‘enduro’ – or you’re not”

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This article was first published in Issue 109 of Singletrack Magazine. Subscribe today from just £1.99 Chipps tracks down the quiet man with his name on the frames at Turner Bikes and finds out that you’re either enduro, or you’re not, why Turner was forced to shift production away from the USA – and why they’ll never make a carbon Burner. You know what I think is the most surprising thing about Turner Bikes? The fact that David Turner’s name is on them. It’s not that he isn’t involved in the development and design of every frame – he couldn’t be closer – but it’s that once you meet this enthusiastic, but deeply modest man you just can’t see him as one of those ‘look at me, I do cool stuff!’ larger-than-life personalities you might see at other brands. (Brands that he’s quick to praise too.) Stepping through the subtly branded door on a nondescript trading estate in the town of Murrieta, a couple of hours east of Los Angeles, it’s hard to miss the signed photos, the old race frames mounted on plinths, and there, in a small side office, David Turner. He sits way back on a low reclining chair, chin almost on the desk and his arms level with the keyboard as he beats on the keys with the ease of someone who spends a lot of his day in front of a screen. It’s romantic to think that modern carbon mountain bikes are completely designed as...

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