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Issue 109 is published 20 October 2016


As darkness draws in we start to wonder whether we should take a gamble and order some ice tyres now, or will they sit there unused through a winter of gloop? Should we save the money and buy a nice new waterproof jacket, or will the one we have make it through to the January sales? Maybe it’s time to invest in winter boots to keep us on the trails… or should we just set up the turbo trainer in the relative comfort of the garage, and distract ourselves from the lack of scenery with a dose of vicarious adventure thanks to Issue 109? Here’s what there is to keep your cockles warm, whether it’s in the pain cave, or with a post-ride whisky by a roaring fire.

issue 109, sanny, nick craig, jacobs ladder,

UK Adventure: Jacob’s Cracker - The nicest man in mountain biking, Nick Craig, gets some Glaswegian encouragement from Sanny as they see who can clear Jacob’s Ladder without stopping.

International Adventure: Iceland - Bikepacking in Iceland. Best bring your thermals.

Issue 109, scottish connection

International Adventure: The Scottish Connection - Three Scottish friends meet up for an epic road trip round New Zealand before they all go their separate ways.

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Interview: David Turner - Chipps talks to the reluctant icon behind this cult brand.

Issue 109, classic Ride, sutton bank

Classic Ride: Sutton Bank - This steep Yorkshire road climb is known for being too horribly busy (unless it’s been blocked by a misguided lorry) to ride. But how are the trails away from the fumes of brakes and clutches?

Bike Test: Sub £1000 hardtails - We check out three hardtails under the magic figure of a grand. There’s no carbon and no full suspension at this price point, but is there fun? You bet there is!

Grouptest: Dropper Seatposts - We check out the highs and lows of the current dropper post market.

Grinder: The team bring you goods ridden through the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. And possibly a touch of mud.

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Issue 109, trail leader 3

Feature: Trail Leader 3  - You literally put your life in the hands of a mountain bike guide. What goes into that experience?

Silver Shredders - Mountain bike life doesn’t stop when work does. We look at a bunch of riders making full use of their newfound spare time.

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