Danny MacAskill + Claudio Caluori = 333 seconds of good times!

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Danny MacAskill’s new video has just hit the internets, and we reckon this one has just a slightly higher budget than that viral video of Danny trashing carbon wheels…

Nope, this time round it’s all helicopters and expensive camera stuff, with ol’ Danny having made his way over to Switzerland to ride with his pal Claudio Caluori. Both YouTube sensations in their own right, the combination of Danny and Claudio together up in the Swiss Alps along with a couple of helmet cameras and a film crew is a hyped-up marketing recipe for video gold. And boy have they delivered!

If you’re wondering where they’re riding, it’s part of the huge Graubünden region in Switzerland, which is home to some 1000 summits, 150 valleys and over 17,000km of trails. So you’ll probably get lost trying to follow their tyre tracks. The Graubünden region is due to host the 2018 UCI Mountain Bike World Championships in Lenzerheide, so consider this a big fat, warm-up advertisement for the region.

Regardless of the hidden marketing within, the video has been beautifully shot and, as usual, there are some terrific Danny-tricks in there. If you’re not a fan of cheese though then consider this a warning – this one is loaded to the hilt with classic Swiss Gruyère one-liner. But then it isn’t exactly pretending to be Shakespeare, so maybe give Danny & Claudio some slack alright?

A Scotsman and a Swiss meet on a trail … What sounds like the beginning of a bad joke is actually the beginning of a great encounter. You can see what really happens when mountain bike pros Danny MacAskill and Claudio Caluori meet for mountain biking in Graubünden in the new «Home of Trails» video. No summit is too high, no trail too steep, no gorge too deep. And with that, Danny takes the Graubünden motto «everything is ridable» to a whole new level.” – Home of Trails.

If you’re also now desperate to ride here and want to find out more about the Graubünden region, then you can head over to the Home of Trails website for more information. There’s also a great behind-the-scenes report from Claudio about the whole filming process that’s worth having a read.

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