Cane Creek’s Helm Goes 29in (And 27.5Plus Too)

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After a successful introduction of the 27.5in version last year, Cane Creek Cycling Components has announced the release of its anticipated 29in/27.5+ version of the HELM.

helm 29
Like the 27.5in version, but longer. However, it’s not that simple…
Cane Creek needed taller air for this fork… only joking.

The HELM 29/27.5+ is available in both air and coil sprung versions with up to 160mm of travel – the coil version is adjustable from 130mm to 160mm and the air version from 100mm to 160mm. Both versions come in a gunmetal grey colour with gunmetal, black and gold graphics.

“Over the last year we’ve heard loud and clear that riders on 29er and 27.5+ bikes want the opportunity to ride a HELM,” said Sam Anderson, product manager for Cane Creek. “More aggressive, big-wheel bikes are hitting the market every day and, with this fork, riders on those bikes will have the option for a 29/27.5+ fork that offers superb off-the-top compliance combined with the unmatched mid-stroke support and control that riders have raved about with the HELM 27.5.”

The original HELM 27.5, which was released in March of 2017, and which we reviewed in June, has gained positive reviews in the year since its launch. Each HELM fork is assembled by hand in Cane Creek’s Asheville North Carolina factory and tested three times before it leaves the facility.

We’re liking the gunmetal finish. Whether you can pull off the gold accents is up to you.

The HELM 29/27.5+ maintains all of the same functional characteristics of the original 27.5 fork – including a closed cartridge monotube damper, seven-way adjustability and rider adjustable travel – with the addition of a 51mm offset (which bigger 29ers like the Ibis Ripmo are speccing) and ‘dimensionally adjusted’ lowers to accommodate the larger wheel and tyre size.

“The HELM 27.5 was the result of a lot of hard work and the overwhelmingly positive response over the last year has been great to see,” said Brent Graves, president and CEO of Cane Creek. “With the HELM 29/27.5+ we are building on that foundation to bring this outstanding fork to even more riders. It’s something we’re all really excited about.”

Nicely machined knobs are all assembled in North Carolina
Don’t touch that dial!

The HELM 29/27.5+ will (probably) retail for £950 in both air and coil sprung versions, – the same price as their 27.5 counterparts – and is available for purchase beginning in April through Cane Creek retailers and distributors like Extra UK, in the, well, UK.


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    Have these got the compatibility issue with Hope hubs like the 27.5 version appears to have?

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