Home Makeover Singletrack Style: Park Tool Workshop Wonderland

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You may recall that some time back we were subject to a ram raid attempt. Nothing was taken, but the would-be raiders (never caught, by the way) did make a right mess of our workshop.

Ram Raid
No, this isn’t just our usual mess.

Since then, we’ve had new walls and windows installed, so there are no longer any almost-car-sized gaps for anyone to be tempted to drive into. But our workshop had never quite recovered. James had done a good job of getting it functional, but without a place for everything, everything was most definitely not in its place. Makeshift boxes and shelves have a habit of developing into chaos, especially when your employees are not of the naturally tidy persuasion.

Workshop Refit
Actually, quite a tidy day by our standards.

Our workshop does get used a lot – you may have noticed that Wil is not capable of just riding a bike. First he has to check every possible pressure with something digital. If you don’t drag him away from the workshop at that point, he’ll probably also put some tokens into a fork or shock. Maybe he’ll just do a quick stem swap while he’s at it. Oh, and has he checked the torque of every nut and bolt? Hmm… those grips are just a bit fat, maybe there’s time to swap them over too…

With all Wil’s fettling and spannering – plus Ross and Andi’s stream of essential repairs – some of our tools were looking a bit tired. ‘Please could we order a new 2.5mm Allen key, a internal cabling tool, and Torx set?‘ we asked Madison, UK distributer of Park Tool. ‘Sure‘ said Nick Davie, rep for Park Tool and Wheels MFG.

Or I could just come and re-fit your whole workshop?‘.

Unfortunately we don’t have a video clip of the little dance of joy that Wil did at this point. Or the little weep of relief from James at the prospect of not having to try and devise some means of arranging the workshop so that the mess-mongers of Singletrack would be able to keep it tidy.

And so there was a palpable buzz of excitement in the air as James cleared all the old kit out of the workshop, and then Nick and his team appeared on Monday morning to do the refit.

Park Tools Workshop Refit
Pantone #2935 if you want to get the look.

First, we needed to be the right colour. Which is great, except now the rest of the walls look even worse than they did before, and the rusty radiator is particularly upsetting.

Park Tools Workshop Refit
Mucky hands!
Park Tools Workshop Refit

With the paint dry, panels went on the wall to give us a big flexible area for mounting tools.

Park Tools Workshop Refit
We’re a bit disappointed that the drill isn’t blue.

Obviously when you have tons of little boxes of exciting stuff, the first thing you have to do is open them ALL and spread them all over the floor. And OMG, what a lot of exciting things there were.

Park Tools Workshop Refit
Hmm…is this the old workshop, or the new one?

Having emptied everything all over the floor carefully laid the tools out, Nick had a plan for just how everything was going to fit onto our walls.

Park Tools Workshop Refit
Incorrect tool storage.
Park Tools Workshop Refit
Like a particularly complex Krypton Factor.

Then there was a bit of a Rain Man episode, while all of this chaos on the floor got transferred to a whole array of mounts on the wall panels.

Park Tools Workshop Refit
We can hear some of you heavy breathing from here.

Oooh! And look! There’s a complete set of Allen Keys and Torx wrenches and sockets. James has an arrangement with the Russians to deal with the first person who doesn’t put one of these back.

Park Tools Workshop Refit
Green for Torx.Park Tools Workshop Refit

All the things! Some of us might need to go on a course just to find out what they are.

Park Tools Workshop Refit
How pleasing is the unguents and lubricants section?

Madison is the distributer for all the Finish Line products, so we’ve also been supplied with an array of cleaning, lubing and polishing products, each with a neat holder. No more nasty sticky shelves!

Park Tools Workshop Refit
Were the wrong number of smurfs added to this plastic mix?
Park Tools Workshop Refit
How far would you trust us?

So that was our wall of Big Tools for workstand job sorted. But there’s more! We also have a little workbench corner, with even more tools. The observant among you will notice that there are some red tools there – these are by Wheels MFG (which we’re pretty sure is short for Manufacturing not My F’ing God Those Are Cool) and they are presses for bottom brackets and headsets.

Park Tools Workshop Refit
Don’t place your compass on this board.

Lots of these tools are held on with super strong magnets. Which is exciting because, well, magnets!

Park Tools Workshop Refit
Little diddy bench.

Our workbench also got the blue paint treatment, before being stocked with a new wheel truing stand, and even some Park Tool gloves in matching blue.

Park Tools Workshop Refit
No more losing track of time.

Almost nothing was spared the Park Tool makeover. Even our clock was stickered – professionally, on the inside!

Park Tools Workshop Refit
The new member of staff is a bit robotic.

If you want to keep things tidy, it’s a good idea to have a bin. It’s our own bin though, and it’s even escaped the Park Tool makeover. But never mind that, what’s that on the left?

Park Tools Workshop Refit
Wait, what’s that on the windowsill?

Yes! It’s important to stay hydrated in the workshop, so we’ve even been provided with a tea tray and mugs, plus…

Park Tools Workshop Refit
Hmm…if your bike needs fixing, can it ever be a great day?

…for those celebratory moments, like successful internal cable routing, or a brand new workshop, there are beer receptacles!

Park Tools Workshop Refit
Beer mugs. Or maybe just right for a mojito? Or should it be blue WKD?

Park Tool really does have a tool for everything. Behold, the bottle opener. Not a multitool with bottle opener attached. It’s just a bottler opener. A nice one.

Park Tools Workshop Refit
That sharp end is sharp.

And then they were done. It was time for pizza. And then our sharp knife was a bit pants, so Nick said ‘we’ve got a tool for that’.

Park Tools Workshop Refit
If only Park Tool did kitchens too.

A huge thank you to Nick and Louise for bringing shiny blue order to our lives.

Park Tools Workshop Refit
Nick and Louise. Not all heroes wear capes.

Wil is away on holiday, so you are spared the footage of him embracing this amazing professional workshop. Instead, here is Mark, look how happy he is.

And then they were done. It was time for pizza. And then our sharp knife was a bit pants, so Nick said 'we've got a tool for that'.
Stoked tool stroker.


All equipment, tools and fitting was provided for us by Madison

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  1. So, if I want that lot for my shed what is the RRP?

  2. That’s amazing – nice and tidy (see how long that lasts!!).
    Would love someone to come and sort out my garage/workshop – my bench is already blue (although I can’t remember the last time I actually saw it….), just lacking the tool board….

  3. can they do my garage for free as well 🙂

  4. I have just gone Torx with envy.

  5. Lucky, lucky barstewards.

  6. Total workshop envy….

  7. Mark, surely there are laws covering extreme tool strokeage ??!!??
    Nice set up people, enjoy. Luv me.

  8. Carpet lets the side down a bit. Park are missing a trick if blue rubber workshop floor tiles aren’t in the seemingly limitless range!

  9. shiny shiny tools of joy

  10. @obidog they did leave us a special absorbent floor mat by Finish Line. But admittedly, it’s a little too late, I think that horse has bolted. Or crapped all over the floor. Blue rubber floor tiles though, there’s an idea. Though it might be a bit, erm, fetish?

  11. Very nice. Workshop envy!

  12. Hmm, I’m cynically wondering if there will be an abundance of ‘Singletrack recommended’ reviews of Park Tools gear for the foreseeable 😉

  13. Wow – tool porn! 😆

  14. yeah, officially jealous. I feel a big garage tidy up is imminent……….

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