Living In The ’80s – Muc Off And Transition Bikes Launch FMD Sponsorship With A Bang

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The FMD – Follow My Dream – Racing Team, formed for the Seagrave siblings in 2009, has announced its new title sponsors and a new rider, in a flurry of big hair and pop of pyrotechnics. It seems that 1980s themed movies are this year’s big thing in the bike industry.

Kaos has been on the hair tonic.
You get the idea.

Joining Tahnee and Kaos Seagrave will be Jamie Edmonson as a Junior in Downhill. He was last year’s BDS Youth Men’s winner.

Jamie in action (Dan Hearn photo credit)

The team will be sponsored by Transition Bikes and MucOff, who have launched their sponsorship with a Kung Fury style 1980s themed movie. It’s basically an excuse for some silliness and messing around with smoke, but it does show Tahnee off to be a kick ass rider and puts her in pole position.

Special impact protective tutu?

The women’s downhill scene has opened up somewhat with the retirement of Manon Carpenter and injury keeping Rachel Atherton out of last year’s running. No doubt Tahnee will be hoping to take their place at the top of the tree, while younger brother Kaos will probably be hoping that one day he gets to head the billing. It must be very frustrating to always be the little brother!

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