The Hope HB160 still costs as much as a car – only now it’s a cheaper car

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News of a price-drop for the UK-made Hope HB160 frame was broken, as is often the case, by the Singletrack Forum, where word of a two-thousand pound price drop was eagerly discussed.

hope hb160
Shiny made-in-the-UK goodness can be yours for less.


We’ve now had official confirmation of it from Alan at Hope. It also confirms that anyone who bought a bike at the earlier, price of £7500, will be refunded the difference. Well played, Hope!
Press Release follows…

Hope’s first bike, the HB160 was successfully launched last August and received praise from all who rode it. An asking price of £7500 certainly put it into the Superbike category, but given the quality finish, attention to detail and uniqueness, it’s not unjustified. However this price didn’t really sit well with one of Hope’s founders, Ian Weatherill. He’s been quoted many times stating that UK manufacturing can easily compete in the global market, but initial pricing for the HB160 didn’t really reflect this.

Over the Christmas break Hope spent time reassessing their Carbon bike program and finding ways to bring a UK manufactured bike to the market at a more affordable price.
They have managed to recalculate the absorption of the R&D costs for their whole Carbon bike development program. This has enabled them to drop the retail price of their HB160 to £5500. They realise this is a major shift in pricing, but there will be no compromise in quality. The frames will still be meticulously manufactured in Barnoldswick by the same craftsmen.

What about the original customers who paid £7500? Hope have committed to refunding the difference in purchase price to all these customers and will be in touch over the next few weeks.

This has been possible due to Hope’s initial and ongoing commitment to keeping production in the UK, enabling them to pass on all cost savings directly to their customers.”

If you want to see our earlier look at this fascinating bike, have a look here and here


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    Hope should be applauded for passing on the savings and refunding the early adopters of a fabulous piece of British engineering.

    “What about the original customers who paid £7500? Hope have committed to refunding the difference in purchase price to all these customers and will be in touch over the next few weeks.”

    Well played Hope.

    Wow! Excellent – well done Hope. er, can you make a 29er trailbike now please?

    Yep. Good on ya.
    Whimst 5.5k is still about my pocket money allowance, it does bring it closer to a Santa Cruz or similar.

    I’ll continue to buy (and tell others to, too) Hope kit, whether BBs, hradsets, wheels, lights etc.

    What a quality outfit. Now we just need all the other manufacturers to follow suit

    I know its just a clickbait heading, but the only people who compare bike prices to car prices are non-biking, clueless pillocks in my experience. Or those who have a rusty Carrera in the garage.

    What a nice change to see a UK company making world-leading products and having the integrity to refund buyers like this. Perhaps some of the companies that are making a killing on the back of PFI contracts and the like might like to take note of how Hope operates.
    I’ve fitted Hope kit for 12 years now and never been let down by any of it – and enjoyed the pleasure which comes from beautifully made gear. And of course because everyone knows Hope kit’s so good, you upgrade, stick the old Hope bit on eBay and get decent money back. Needless to say I’ll continue buying Hope.
    Of course the HB160 is now in the same price bracket as an Orange 5 Factory; difficult choices ahead…

    I’m amazed there was anyone to refund at such a ridiculous price .

    Perhaps Singletrack should also talk to the trade or at least the dealers who stock and sell these bikes to get their perspective too.

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