Maxxis Slashes Tyres. The Price, That Is

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In the face of rising component prices and pre-Brexit exchange-rate hikes, we can bring you some good news, for a change! Maxxis UK has been looking at the (rather eye-watering) prices for its larger tyres – the 2.6, 2.8 and 3.0 – the 4.0 and the 4.8s, and due to some lower production costs, it reckons that it can offer a drop in price of those Maxxis tyres of around 30% – so where a Minion DHR II 27.5 x 2.80 (120TPI) was £94.95 a wheel, going forward, it should now cost £64.99.

stif morf hardtail formula maxxis plus 26+ minion dhr dhf
Plus tyres are going down! No movement for ‘norms’ though.

Now, whether this applies to new stock coming into shops, or to tyres that the bike shop presumably bought at a previously higher price, it’s unclear. However, when your bike shop is ordering new tyres from Maxxis UK, it’ll be able to offer them at the new, lower prices. They’re still going to make you look twice, ranging, as they do from £49.99 (for a Minion FBR 26 x 4.80, folding dual compound) up to £74.99 (for an FBR 27.5 x 3.80 dual compound EXO/TR)

Maxxis - Eurobike 2017
Plus, for less.

Here’s what Maxxis says: “Maxxis has chosen The Bike Place (14 – 16 January), to announce a number of significant price reductions across a broad section of its cycle tyre portfolio, including some of the brand’s newly introduced MTB patterns.
Attributed to lower production costs, the price reduction will come into force for all orders placed on or after the 15th January 2018; offering a more appealing RRP for consumers looking to purchase their go-to Maxxis products. Anticipated to create a surge in consumer demand, the new price structure will deliver savings of up to 35 per cent across many of the brand’s most popular cycle tyres. These include the Minion FBF/FBR+, Chronicle+, Rekon+, Ikon+, High Roller II+ and the Minion DHF+/DHR II+; all of which are being showcased at The Bike Place”

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    Any news on availability of their “normal” tyres? It’s like rocking horse poo trying to get a 3c shorty and DHR2 at the moment.

    try evans, got a 3c shorty from them just over a week ago

    Pricing is already reduced – saw a Minion DHF 29×3.0 for £65 in December.

    Maxxis UK will be offering these tyres at similar prices to what they cost in Germany and France all.along.

    This is nothing to do with production costs.

    Bought two Maxxis tyres yesterday, Minion and Highrollwer, cost less than £70 for the pair

    Any price drop is good. But still so expensive. Is the motocross market bigger than thever mtb market. Maxxis motocross tyres can be had for £70 for a pair. Still reckon we are being mugged off.

    So the prices have dropped from the same price as a premium tyre for my Golf to a mid range tyre……

    WTB tyres are a great alternative to Maxxis. Replaced Minions with Vigilantes and I prefer the WTB. £30 each for tough high grip. Can’t go wrong.

    Honestly, £65 a tyre is mugging you off. It’s virtually impossible to pay more than £10 a tyre from an OEM if you’re buying 1000s.

    How can they justify it.

    hahaha this stinks of “spin” Lower produsction costs my arse !! What they meant was Schallbe and others are pricing most plus tyres at a reasonable price and popele stopped buying theirs at stupid prices . I pay mor for a MTB tyre than I do for one on my pickup still !!

    Good news ..but I wonder if this also has a knock on effect with other manufacturers to maintain their edge on price ?

    So when they were £94:95 did they really sell any? That is ludicrous. As many have said they charge what they think the market can stand. But most people have a rough idea what they pay to put a tyre on their car, Mid size family saloon mid range tyre is a lot less than £90. We are being mugged!

    It isn’t possible to reduce production costs by 30% if it were they would have been doing something massively wrong. So not only are they happy to rob us blind they lie about it too.
    They are still too expensive.

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