Jeff Kendall-Weed In New Mexico

Video: Watch Jeff Kendall-Weed Faceplant In Mexico

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Jeff Kendall-Weed is an immensely talented rider, but one of the things we really like about his videos is that he seems to be quite humble about it. This one is no exception, showing not only some spectacular riding and scenery, but plenty of failures too, from faceplants to wince-inducing chainring smacks.

(No video? Okay, here’s a link instead).

We’re usually a bit cagey on posting videos that are plastered with logos, but Camelbak has worked with us this year, and hey it’s Christmas! (Meanwhile, much further North in in New Mexico, occasional Singletrack columnist Amada Batty is lining up an actual wonderful Christmas surprise for several hundred kids)

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This is exactly what it looks like: 200+ kids bikes. Where are they going? Well, they’re en route to ABQ. Why? Because #morekidsonbikes matters more than almost anything to me and @karmicbikes. Because of their giving program, 200+ underprivileged and refugee kids in New Mexico will be getting bikes for Christmas and one of my biggest dreams is coming true — I get to play bike Santa. In all reality, I’m absolutely humbled by and amazed at the efforts of people on the ground both there and here in ABQ. This entire Santa mission has come together in less than a week specifically because of a few key people, and one of those is @rouxcifer… The man knows damn near everyone and called in favors, hit up an entire host of folks and has been on it since I sent him a text last Tuesday. This wouldn’t be possible without the phenomenal folks involved and I’m so pumped to get these built and ready. Bravo, Bike Internet… Chalk this one up to the good guys. One kid, one bike at a time. ⚡️⚡️⚡️ #BikeSanta #yougetabikeandyougetabikeandYOUgetabike!

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Jeff Kendall-Weed In New Mexico
So poised…
Jeff Kendall-Weed In New Mexico
Less poised.
Jeff Kendall-Weed In New Mexico
The photographer paints with light, Jeff paints with dirt.

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