The CarbonXScycles MAD6 SII: 17lb Kids Full Suspension Bike

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One of the things that makes mountain biking difficult for children is that, while there are many bikes in kids sizes, most of them are enormously heavy and just a couple of cheese parts away from being bike-shaped-objects. Even among the better ones that’ll last, weight doesn’t scale down in proportion with size. Components that are acceptable weights for an adult can be heavy for a kid to handle when they’ve just been cut down, built smaller, or otherwise shrunk to two thirds their previous size.

There are more known bike brands out there making mountain bikes for children nowadays, but perhaps none have gone as far as CarbonXScycles, who’ve launched an ultra-fancy, 7.82Kg (17.24lbs) full suspension bike for children ages four to eight. That build is the lightest one, with 1×9 gears; there’s also a 1×10 version at 8.3Kg (18.3lbs). The custom carbon wheelset weighs just 990g.

We’ve previously reported on the Mad 6. Pricing starts at AUD $3,800 (£2206.00 at time of writing), which includes deilvery but excludes customs fees. See many more details and read their full release below.

MAD6 - carbonXScycles
This weights just 7.82Kg.
MAD6 - carbonXScycles
The frame is designed so you can move the suspension mounts as your kid grows, altering the standover height and head angle in each position.
MAD6 - carbonXScycles
It comes with Shimano XT brakes, 160mm front and 140mm rear.
MAD6 - carbonXScycles
Nearly everything on it, including the rims, is made from carbon fibre.

“The MAD6 Series II is the product of 5 years of development and testing of the geometry and tuning of a 20” kids mountain bike. Born out of frustration of trying to find a kids bicycle that promotes a positive attitude to riding, the only solution was to design test and build the most high technologically advanced mountain bike in the world. The bicycle is designed to be suitable for kids from about 4 to about 7 or 8 years old. The frames are built using the latest construction methods and are full carbon to give stiffness, strength, durability and most of all low weight. The suspension geometry has been designed so the set-up of the bike can be altered as the child grows. The standover height of the bike can be dropped for smaller riders. This also has the added advantage of relaxing the angles in the front end promoting a more stable riding position. As the rider grows the suspension mounts are lifted and the bike standoff increases and the bike becomes more agile.

MAD6 - carbonXScycles
There are 1×9 and 1×10 build options.

“Suspension can be set-up for the rider’s weight by the pneumatic pressure in both the forks and the centre shock units. This allows the bike to perform perfectly as the rider grows and increases weight. Gearing is set up for kid’s general riding and inclines. (Also to limit top speeds for safety – don’t tell them that.) Gears change effortless with very high spec components. The use of either SRAM X0 or Shimano ZEE means the systems will perform for years with little maintenance. Brakes were also an important design consideration. When asked what is the most reliable, highest performing, easy adjustable reach braking system on the market? The answer was Shimano XT, so that’s what we use. Both front 160mm and rear 140mm units are matched with Ashima Ai2 disks. Two finger performance, even for a 6 year old !

MAD6 - carbonXScycles
The MAD6 features custom forks.

“CarbonXScycles custom build the wheels especially for this bike. The CarbonXS 20” carbon rims are matched with lightweight hubs to produce a 990g (2.18 pound) wheelset. This is extremely important as one of the key factors on a bike is the rotational weight of the wheels. Again technology and advanced materials and manufacturing techniques have been used to maximize strength and durability while still reducing weight.

MAD6 - carbonXScycles
Of course, light enough for a kid to ride will also mean extremely easy to lift onto a roof rack or trailer.

“Every effort has been made to limit the weight of the bike as this is the biggest factor in kids riding well. The ratio of 3:1 is sometimes used in describing how weight affects a child’s bike. 1kg on their bike is equivalent to adding 3kg to an adult bike. It soon adds up. The MAD6 SII, we believe, qualifies as the lightest production dual suspension bike in the world. The 1×9 gears with lightweight shock and short seat post comes in at 7.82kg (17.2 pounds) The 1×10 gears with dual air centre shock tips the scales at 8.3kg (18.3 pounds). These can be further reduced if the bikes are configured with tubeless wheels. (optional).

MAD6 - carbonXScycles
Right: air shock. Left: custom shock option.

“Every MAD6 SII is completely personalized with an engraved carbon name plate so the rider feels complete ownership of their bicycle. (Of course this name plate can be replaced if the bike is handed down or changes owners at no cost). Of course if any special preferences for upgrades can be accommodated.

MAD6 - carbonXScycles
CarbonXS have built and customised a lot of components, because they don’t exist off the shelf.

“The pricing on the MAD6 Series II includes delivery worldwide (US,EU,CN,JP,GB,AU,NZ) by courier. The MAD6 is equally at home on the street as it off road, the elements of lightweight, agility and easy of riding enables kids to keep up with older siblings and parents while sitting on the coolest new bike in the world.

“For full details see

MAD6 - carbonXScycles
If we put shoes on our knees, maybe they’ll send us one to review.


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