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UPDATED: Mojo No Longer Distributing Fox Racing Shox

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(See below for a couple of updates and one rumour debunked, as of 11th October, but for now, still no definitive comment from Fox or Mojo).

Mojo Suspension are no longer distributing Fox suspension in the UK. We’ve had it confirmed directly that they’re not distributing Fox or handling warranty support any longer. It’s not clear who initiated the split, or whether or not there’s a new UK distributor in the pipeline. If you head over to Mojo’s site though, you’ll find they seem to be selling everything Fox off at cost today.

Cycling Industry News got a quote from Mojo: “As of today we’re unfortunately no longer the partner for Fox. Stock will not be replenished once we have sold through”. They added this: ‘Mojo indicated that no immediate replacement for the brand was as yet planned’.

Fox have said to us: “We cannot comment at this time”.

Both Fox and Mojo have said they’ll have further information for us soon, but have also both been absolutely clear that they have nothing to say in public right now.

The internet is of course absolutely chock full of speculation though, ranging from Mojo making their own suspension, to a third party large bike brand squashing Mojo for the sake of their shareholders, to Fox sending warranty service to Europe or setting up their own place in the UK, to whether or not Fox or Mojo initiated the split, to other suspension servicing companies somehow poaching the suspension giant from Mojo (Earlier today, TFTuned cheekily posted an Instagram story showing a stack of Fox branded boxes – you’ll find a statement on this from them below)… and so on, ranging from things that might be likely, through extremely unlikely, all the way to outright conspiracy theories. If you would like to dive in on the speculation, that’s what forums are for and here’s the relevant thread on ours.

All of that is speculation fuelled by forums and Facebook though, and it’s not what news is for. What you read above is where, as of this afternoon, things are at – no comment or confirmation from anyone as to exactly what’s happened and why. We’ll let you know more as soon as we find out.

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Twenty four hours on, it’s still unclear who’s going to be handling service and warranty for Fox Racing Shox in the UK.

UPDATE, 16:25, Wednesday 11th October:

One of the rumours has been debunked, by TFTuned themselves on our own forum:

“Hey Everyone!

“We’ve been as surprised as everyone else by the announcement from Mojo. Contrary to the rumour mill and general internet speculation, the trade have learned this at the same time as the public and we are also waiting to hear who the new Fox distributor & warranty centre will be. The picture causing all the excitement above is of stock that arrived at the workshop today.

“In the meantime we wish our colleagues at Mojo all the best for their future projects. As one of our key suppliers they have consistently provided us with excellent service – Emily and Tayah know in particular how much we here at TF have valued their individual attention and support.

“Any customers that have Fox suspension products on order with us will receive an email from me in the next day to clarify [to the best of our knowledge] the situation regarding their orders.


Ruth @TFT”

(Hat tip to forum member Earl for picking up on this story before anyone else).

fox float 36 rc2 fork kashima
The future’s uncertain.


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