2018 Mavic Shoes, Helmets, Apparel & Bags

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Turns out that Mavic has more than just nine new mountain bike wheels to show off this week. In a further filling-out of its off-road lineup (there’s loads more road stuff too if you’re into that), Mavic has bolstered its offerings in the softgoods department with the addition of some new shoes, jerseys, shorts and helmets – plus the rest.

Get a look at some of the highlights from the 2018 Mavic line here;

mavic xa helmet
It’s getting harder to make unique-looking helmets, but that’s a shape we haven’t seen before.

The XA Pro helmet is brand new for 2018, and is designed as a lightweight, well-ventilated trail helmet that slots right in between the Crossmax SL cross-country trail helmet, and the bigger Crossmax Pro enduro helmet. It’s packed with features, including EPS 4D technology that Mavic states offers up to 30% more shock absorption than the industry standard. On the inside of the front of the helmet, you’ll find a wide band of ‘Live Fit XRD foam’, which is a soft breathable memory foam that’s designed to provide an adaptive fit.

There’s loads of ventilation, special 37.5 fabric pads for “moisture evacuation”, and all of that in a helmet that’s claimed to weigh just 280g. The XA Pro helmet will be available in two sizes (Medium & Large), four colour options (Blue, Green, White & Black), and will retail in the UK for £129.

mavic xa helmet
The XA Pro helmet gets enormous vents, with the front grille inspired by sports cars. Or maybe a bee hive?
mavic xa helmet
The yellow stuff is the soft ‘Live Fit’ XRD memory foam material.
mavic xa helmet
Not sure about that integrated helmet visor – what do you guys reckon?
mavic xa helmet
Also available in matte white and matte black options.
mavic xa pro spd shoe
Snazzy new trail shoes from Mavic. These are the XA Pros.

Joining Mavic’s XA trail line is a new pair of SPD shoes called the XA Pro, which slots in above the existing XA Elite shoe. It’s got a cross trainer vibe about it, with a well-ventilated mesh upper that uses thermal bonding (how romantic!) to bring the panels together without stitching. The result is a very clean and low-profile upper that’s adjusted with a big velcro strap and a Mavic Ergo Dial QR thingamajig. It also helps to make these very light, with each shoe weighing a claimed 300g.

Like the Mavic Deemax Pro shoes I just finished testing, the XA Pro shoes get a sticky Contagrip rubber outsole, with an open-spaced tread pattern designed to provide walking traction when off the bike. Inside is a stiff carbon fibre-reinforced midsole for pedalling stability, and Ortholite cushioned footbeds for comfort. There’ll be three colour options (Black/Yellow, Green and Blue/Red), loads of sizes, and the sticker price will be £159.

mavic xa pro spd shoe
The soft compound Contagrip rubber outsole is supposed to be sticky as.
mavic xa pro spd shoe
Crocodile green too.
mavic xa pro spd shoe
Or is it the suave Navy/Red combo for you?
mavic crossmax pro shoe spd
You’ve got red on you.

Going one lighter is the new Crossmax Pro shoe. While not quite as lightweight as Mavic’s flagship Crossmax SL Ultimate race shoe, the Crossmax Pro shoe does come in a lot cheaper (£220 vs £309), and it gets more usable rubber tread on the underside of the Contagrip outsole.

Compared to the XA Pro shoes, the Crossmax Pro is much more streamlined with a slim ventilated upper that also uses thermal bonding to bring all the panels together, but eschews some of the protection in favour of lower weight. There are two ratchet dials for making fine-tune adjustments, and the carbon fibre midsole is claimed to have an Energy Transfer rating of 70. We’re not entirely sure what that means, but it’s slightly lower than the Crossmax SL Ultimate shoes (80) and slightly higher than the XA Pro shoes (60).

So there you go.

mavic crossmax pro shoe spd
The Mavic Crossmax Pro is a new slender XC racing shoe.
mavic hoodie hoody
Invisible man is BACK!

We’re digging the subtle looks on the new Mavic XA Elite jersey, which is available as a short sleeve and as the long sleeve hoody you’re gawking at here. There aren’t loads of details on this one, aside from Mavic listing it as being made from a technical fabric of some sort, and will be available in three colours (Lime, Black, Blue/Grey). Price is £53 for the short sleeve, and £65 for the long sleeve.

mavic hoodie hoody
Casual hooded long sleeve jersey. The XA Elite is also available in a short sleeve version.
mavic xa baggy short
New XA not-so-baggy baggy shorts.

To go with the new XA Pro helmet and shoes, there’s some XA Pro apparel too, including these new not-so-baggy baggy shorts. They’re finished off with a thin, flexible but abrasion resistant fabric that has been drilled for ventilation. These aren’t up on the Mavic website yet, but we can confirm that pricing will be £85 in the UK.

mavic xa baggy short
Hot damn invisible man!
mavic deemax boxer short liner chamois
This has ‘a whole bag of yes’ written all over it!

And no doubt the highlight of the 2018 Mavic apparel range for us are these dashing Deemax Undershorts. With a print like that, these are fit for the more daring mountain bikers out there. Mavic calls these a ‘technical second-skin boxer’, which means they’re very thin, breathable and flexible. There’s a chamois in there, but it’s a minimalist Ergo SL pad that we’re guessing is more suited gravity riding than all-day XC pedalling.

mavic deemax boxer short liner chamois
Like a tiger baby!
mavic deemax boxer short liner chamois
Red Deemax undershorts. Though with a pattern like that, we’re thinking overshorts.
mavic deemax fanny pack bum bag
Minimalist waist pack designed to carry spares and a water bottle.

And last, but certainly not least is the new Deemax Belt. It’s kind of like a pared-back fanny pack that’s designed to hold the bare essentials for those who ride with loose-fitting flappy jerseys that don’t have pockets. There’s a stretchy pocket for a water bottle, and some zippered pockets for your phone, keys, and spares. The waist strap is soft and elastic, which means it should adapt to pre and post-pub visitations. £44 for this one.


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    I need some of those boxers!

    The pants are good. But the helmets look like they were designed for the road market but inadvertently left on a radiator.

    In that blue/grey colour, the helmet bears an unfortunate resemblance to a Porpoise. Wearing the severed head of a Porpoise whilst out riding isn’t a look I’m going for.

    Helmet looks inspired by the cap underneath cyclocross stylee

    ‘Fanny pack’ isn’t a commonly used term in the UK, ask your colleagues why. Oh, and while I’m in sub-editor mode, ‘paired-back’ should probably read ‘pared-back’ or even ‘pared-down’. Unless there’s some sort of duo-dorsal thing going on here that’s not immediately apparent…

    Front end of the helmet looks like a miserable duck. Maybe a homage to Ilkley ?

    @edd – they’re outrageous aren’t they!

    @DezB – that was our thought too. Almost horse riding helmet-like isn’t it?

    @BadlyWiredDog – cheers for the pickup! I can highly recommend not typing out news stories on a phone at 11:30 at night :-/

    ST Wil.

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