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Ohmagerrrd. It’s Friday already. The day when we should be winding down, eating chips, and planning our weekend down time. But no! Not us! Not here! It’s been deadline week, so we’ve been finishing off the next glorious issue of the magazine. Yes! We don’t just play around in the office taking silly pictures of ourselves and writing about products, we create an actual magazine too! If that had escaped your attention, then you need to go on over here and make sure the next issue comes through your front door.

The cover of the next issue, by Justa Jeskova.

As if that wasn’t quite enough to get done in one week, we’ve been sailing this ship with a man down. Our Man from Down Under has been laid low by a vicious bug which means he hasn’t left the house this week. In fact, he’s barely left his bed, the poorly little lamb. We’re going to have to survive without Wil next week too, as he’s off on holiday. On the plus side for you lot, it means you’re not going to have to face any of his disturbing poses with product for the next two weeks. But when he comes back we’re sure he’ll be glad to show off his new thin and tanned body. We’ll do our best to restrain him. No one send us any budgie smugglers for testing, please.

What with such a hectic week, let’s have something chilled to take us in to Fresh Goods Friday…

RSP Calavera CC28 27.5 Carbon Wheels

  • Price: £479.99 (rear), £414.99 (front)
  • From: Raleigh
Shaped to keep your rubber in place.

Coming in under a grand for the set, the Calavera wheelset is aiming for the ‘maybe I could upgrade my wheels before buying a new bike’ market. Also available in 29in sizes and with wider rim options available, we have here the 27.5in version with a 28mm wide internal profile. Oversized hookless beads should keep your tyres seated in rufty tufty conditions – and our David (serial tester of puncture prevention kits…) will be putting these to the test in our upcoming carbon wheel grouptest.

150 point engagement in the hub.

The asymmetric carbon rims are laced with 32 Mach 1 spokes per wheel. They’re made of stainless steel and are of the standard J-bend variety, and RSP has used a traditional 3-cross lacing pattern along with brass nipples for longterm durability. RSP has chosen Chosen hubs to star at the centre of each wheel, with the rear hub getting a rather impressive 150-point engagement freehub that offers an insanely quick 2.5° pickup.

Looking for your next hipster tattoo? These decals might just do.

Claimed weight is 1783g for the complete 27.5in wheelset, which is pretty competitive for a set of burly trail wheels that RSP lists as being ready for some enduro racing action. There’s a 1-year warranty with the wheels, and a 2-year crash replacement scheme for those who encounter a whoopsie with their new flash carbon wheels.

One Up EDC (Every Day Carry) Tool System

That’s not a huge hand, it’s a very neat tool.

Slot this little gizmo into your steerer tube and you’ve no need to carry a separate multitool or quick link. Plus there’s room for a gas cartridge or other small item. Don’t forget you’ll need the Tap Kit to fit it (but we’ve already got one of them – yay!).

One Up EDC (Every Day Carry) Top Cap

Available in green or black.

This is the top cap you’ll need to add so that you can get to your secret tool stash.

One Up EDC (Every Day Carry) Tool Strap

We cannot think of a caption that is not inappropriate.

There’s a neat little pump that will accommodate the tool system, if you don’t want to mess around with your fork. These straps will then hold the pump firmly onto your bike.

Shimano 6 Bolt Centrelock Hub Adapter

Insert grumble about standards….

Handy when you have lots of wheels to test, this converts Centrelock hubs to fit 6 bolt rotors. This is a newer style Centrelock adapter kit from Shimano that features a thinner profile lockring that promises less interference with close-fitting fork lowers.

Magura HC1 Levers

  • Price: £30.41 per lever
  • From: Magura
One finger only.

Aftermarket levers specifically designed for single finger braking, as designed with input from Danny MacAskill. Standard levers from Magura are pretty long and often better for two fingers. If that bugs you, these could be the answer. Designed to fit new generation MT8, MT7 and MT Trail brakes.

661 Rage Hard Knee/Shinpad

  • Price: €89.99
  • From: 661
Should socks meet pads? Or not?

A lightweight, breathable, flexible pad that still delivers great protection to the knee area. Developed by 2015 Downhill World Champion Loic Bruni, the external hard cap provides extra protection and gives the ability to slide in the event of a crash. Crashing with style? This version gives a bit of extra shin protection, but there’s another version without that for €10 less.

661 Recon Kneepad

  • Price: €59.99
  • From: 661
Robot knees.

Ultra light pads for all day pedalling – we have in fact tested these before, but these have come in a Chipps-leg-size.

661 Evo Kneepad

  • Price: €99.99
  • From: 661
Glad those shorts aren’t any baggier.

Designed for high impact protection, featuring D30 material which hardens on impact yet flexes while riding. Kevlar panels add abrasion resistance. These have a low profile and pre-curving for a better fit.

Polartec Waterproof Cap

James, filling in for Wil this week on the modelling front.

Handy for keeping the water out of your hair and eyes (under your helmet of course) this is a waterproof cap. Chipps picked it up at Eurobike from the Polartec peeps themselves, however Sugoi do a branded cap which looks very similar and is made form the same fabric.

Specialized 2F0 Flat 1.0 Shoes

Fresh kicks from Specialized.

With a flat and grippy rubber sole, you should stay in contact with your pedals. The neoprene inner bootie is designed to keep your foot in place, and captured foam in the upper helps protect your tootsies from rocks.

Specialized 2F0 Flat 2.0 Shoes

Also available in shouty green.

More armoured, a bit stiffer, and without the internal sock, these flats are just as sticky but a bit more rufty tufty than the 1.0s above. Mark has been testing a pair of these since Specialized’s Press Camp, and he really likes them.

Shimano SLX 11-46 M7000 Cassette

Still as big as the moon, but doesn’t cost the earth.

Heavier than the XT cassette tested by Wil, but a whole £25 cheaper, this is Shimano’s new 11-46t wide range SLX cassette. May well be handy for people wanting to switch to 1x without blowing the budget.

Booicore Trucker Hat

Handy for when you hair and face need hiding.

From the makers of towel ponchos that making car park changing easy (or at least not an arrestable offence), here’s a trucker cap. Being modelled by Hannah before this happened…

What the?
What the?

Well. Blimey. Time for the weekend then? Let’s cruise on through…

ST Out.

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