WTAF: Is The Mini DH Bike This Year’s Must Have?

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Each year we are informed either by the media or by our own children, what the ‘Must Have’ product of the year is. Previous examples include the Furbee, Micro Scooter (not to be confused with the popular stunt scooter) and the mini BMX.

Well, this year it might be the turn of the mini DH bike! That’s what the creators of this tiny full suspension bicycle are hoping as teaser images from the company have already started to pop up on Facebook and other social media sites.

The unnamed Mini DH bike is the is a spin off product of the mini BMX which was made famous by UK based Rocker BMX, who in turn is owned by Mafia Bikes.

rocker mini dh bike
Mini bike, mini wheels, and one brake. What could go wrong?

Mafia already manufacture a couple of dirt jump mountain bikes, but this will be their first foray into suspension bikes, and even in its pre-release state has already caused hundreds of comment on social media from messages of support to .. well ,, less supportive.

Basically, the idea is that this is a fun bike to take to your local trails and muck about on with your mates, hence the tiny 10in wheels and 1 piece BMX crank borrowed from the Rocker Mini BMX.

Final specifications for the bike aren’t available at the time of writing but from the two teaser photos, we can see that the frame appears to be made from steel (hi-ten most likely for cost reasons) and uses a single pivot suspension design. Judging by the position of the chain stay it looks like the main pivot is just behind and above the BB and uses a fairly basic rear shock with no external adjustment other than spring preload.

After a few final tweaks and modifications, this monster is ready to be shipped from the factory for testing / prove-out ( @harrymain video?? ). There’s been a few negative comments about the suspension, of course if it’s not up to the job we will be upgrading it, but this is after-all meant for a bit of fun and thus our going in point will be to keep the cost down low whilst providing a perfectly functional ride for you to race your mates on. If you want to treble the price, you can upgrade the shock or even install a dropper post #rockerbmx #RKR #downhillmtb #minidh

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Single speed gearing is in keeping with the simple nature of the bike, and it looks like the bike will come with just a single rear brake. Like riding this thing won’t be terrifying enough as it is! A simple suspension fork is plugged in up front with a relatively steep head angle, and it looks like there’s standard mountain bike stem and handlebar on there too.

A simple suspension fork is plugged in up front with a relatively steep head angle, and it looks like there’s standard mountain bike stem and handlebar on there too, they only mountain bike part on this mini hucker.

Rocker hasn’t yet announced when they plan to release the Mini DH bike or what price they are aiming at, but from their comments on Facebook, it sounds like they are aiming for a low RRP.

The company is also keen to point out that this is only designed for messing about on but if anyone did want to take things a little further that they could “upgrade the shock or even install a dropper post”.

mini dh bike
This is one serious looking mini DH machine!

Funnily enough, this isn’t the first time a mini DH bike has been taken to market, although the one in the picture above does look a lot more capable than the version Rocker intends to launch, we still would be in two minds to take it to our local trails.

So who’s putting their name down for one of these?

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