Unboxing The Bamboo Bicycle Home Build Kit

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What sort of bike would you choose to build out of bamboo?

I know, it’s a bit of an odd question really. Because although bamboo bikes do already exist, making one yourself out of a home build kit probably isn’t at the top of the idea pile for most mountain bikers. I mean, bamboo? Really??

However, that’s exactly the question I’ve been faced after being presented with a Home Build Kit from the crew at Bamboo Bicycle Club.

Based in London, Bamboo Bicycle Club is all about using bamboo to build bike frames. There are two fellas who make up the Bamboo Bicycle Club, James and Ian, who are both engineers with years of bike building experience. The idea for the Home Build Kits sprouted as a way for customers to build their own customised bike frames in a way that doesn’t require welding torches and a whole load of prior experience.

Depending on your tastes, you can get Home Build Kits to create several different types of bikes. Bamboo Bicycle Club makes kits for road bikes, track bikes, cyclocross bikes, mountain bikes, and even fat bikes and tandems too. Yes, a bamboo divorce machine…

bamboo bike kit
Designed in Hackney and (hopefully) built in Todmorden.

Starting at about £260, the Home Build Kits can also be ordered in a fully customised jobber if you’re looking for a personal touch when it comes to frame shape and size. And there are options for things like quick release or thru-axle dropouts, straight or tapered steerer tubes, and a geared or singlespeed drivetrain.

As to how strong it is? Well, James from Bamboo Bicycle Club has assured me that bamboo is more than tough enough for riding off-road. However, the caveat comes dow to how well the frame is built. And given I’ll be the one responsible for the frame’s structural integrity, I must say that I am slightly anxious…

The Bamboo Bike will appear in Issue #115 of Singletrack Magazine, and it will (if all things go according to plan – ha!) include a first ride review of the bike. If you can’t wait till then, head to the Bamboo Bicycle Club website for more information and to get in touch with any questions you might have.

Stay tuned and wish me luck…

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    It wouldn’t surprise me if bamboo was better than alu and carbon in some ways. Better on impact then booth, better om vibration damping than alu etc.

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