Container Load Of Scott Bikes Fished From The Sea

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It’s a bad day for Scott’s shipping company. You might have seen in the news that forty-five shipping containers fell off a Brazilian ship as it was just off the coast near Santos, many of the containers bursting open as they hit the water. It turns out a load of Scott mountain bikes were in one of them, and it’s not clear if they’ve been recovered or looted, but here’s a fishing boat having pulled a load of them out of the water:

[fbvideo link=”” width=”650″ height=”400″ onlyvideo=”1″]
(Can’t see the video? Here’s a link).

Via Facebook’s translation: “Fishermen fishing bicycles in it sea
They’re from a cargo ship that was given a few containers to sea I the bicycle among the most things began to surface floating!
No doubt a great fishing

Here’s the ship after they fell off:

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(No video? Here’s a link. If that one disappears, here it is on YouTube too).

They appear to be Scott Scale hardtails, though instead of the Fox forks Scott spec most with, they’re running colour matched Rockshox. If you happen to be in Brazil and someone tries to sell you a new looking Scott hardtail with crunchy bearings, now you’ll know where it came from.

Scott bikes - Shipping disaster
These were pulled from the ocean after falling out of a container (source).
Log-In Pantanal
The Log-In Pantanal lost nearly 1 in 7 of the containers it was carrying.
Scott bikes fished from sea
The unidentified fishing vessel pulled up a heap of Scott bikes.

Apparently the ship got into trouble and started losing cargo during a storm. Looters have been using speedboats to raid some of the still floating containers not just for bikes but also backpacks, white goods, clothing, and hospital equipment; with police chasing some of them down. More details over at the BBC:

“Port officials said 45 containers had worked loose from the ship’s deck.

An investigation is under way to work out the cause of the accident.

Police said the thieves had used small boats to reach the containers and had picked up air-conditioning units, other white goods, clothing, hospital equipment and bags.

They said they had chased down two speed boats loaded with goods.”

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