Video: On Track With Curtis Keene, Season 4

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The 2017 EWS in Rotorua featured some absolutely terrible conditions, with riders saying each stage was like rolling the dice to see if you’d stay on the bike. In this video, there are plenty of spills, Wyn Masters joking that all the mud in his beard helps keep weight on the front wheel, some spectacular riding from Richie Rude; and as well as the usual track hazards, Damian Oton crashing into a dozy spectator who’s wandered onto the track and is facing the wrong way.

(Can’t see it? Try this link)

On Track with Curtis Keene - Season 4
The mud barely seems to slow Richie Rude down at all!

There are also some interview snippets with other racers, and some reflections from Curtis on past seasons and trying to climb back on top for 2017. Rotorua was back in March, but it’s nice to get a more detailed look than the immediate post-race edits. The Enduro World Series comprises eight events, with three to go this year, and you can read about them on the EWS calendar. Remaining stops for 2017 are Aspen in a few days, Whistler in mid August, and Finale Ligure at the end of September.

If you really want to know a lot more about the stages they were riding in this video, you can find a shiny map and short stage descriptions here.

On Track with Curtis Keene - Season 4

Red Bull write: “The start of a new season in the Enduro World Series is always a joyous occasion. For Curtis Keene, it’s a chance to put all the pieces together and get back to winning. But the road to victory is fraught with uncertain and unfavorable conditions.
Follow top United States mountain biker Curtis Keene as he competes in the Enduro World Series. Experience iconic biking locations, along with an intimate look at the dedication and desire it takes to become the best in the world.”

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