Video: Loosefest Day One, Plus Track Walk

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Belgium! Normally a place bike people will associate with flatness, cobbles and cyclocross. What about people sending absolutely massive jumps though? Such as, a 27 metre step down…

(Can’t see it? Follow this link)

Invite only and hosted by Nico Vink, Loosefest takes place at one of his training spots. There are also spectator tickets and camping. They don’t seem to have published the rider list, but there’s plenty of Ratboy in the video above. Below, Nico does a track walk, and being amongst them really impresses the size of these features on you:

(No video showing? Here’s a link)

Loosefest runs July 19th – 23rd, and there will be prizes for the longest manual, best whip, biggest jump, and best trick.

Loosefest 2017

To a veteran event organiser, running an event with jumps this big sounds… interesting, in a breaking out in hives kind of way. Remember when they had to route round a jump on the Red Bull Hardline because of wind? Well imagine your entire event is big jumps, and merely having a schedule at all is dangerous. They write:

“Because of the high risk involved, there is NO FIXED SCHEDULE FOR THE SESSIONS ON THE BIG JUMPS. These will only be ridden in OPTIMAL CONDITIONS as interpreted by the riders themselves and include weather conditions as well as mental readiness. Last year proved that the wind conditions were best during the evening, but this remains off course dependable on the weather. To keep a positive vibe, we advise to come out without too much expectations and to enjoy the relax atmosphere.”

Loosefest 2017
Just an average Sunday afternoon ride, really.

Loosefest is part of a worldwide series of invitationals organised by prominent freeriders. You can see who and find out a bit more on their website, or find more up to date information on their Facebook page.

Loosefest 2017
Almost leaving a contrail.

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