Propain Launch New Kids Bike: The Yuma

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Propain have been doing hardtails and full suspension kids bikes for a while, along with a range of components for children, that we’ve covered before, but news just came in that they’re launching a redesigned Yuma for 2018. It’s a fully featured bike designed around modern components and multiple wheel sizes, letting it grow with your kid.

Behond the Yuma! It’s designed to take 24″ or 26″ wheels, so for at least a while, growth spurts won’t make it redundant.
The single pivot linkage keeps weight down, which is all important for a kids bike.
Trunnion mount metric shock helps keep the top tube low, and 1×11 drivetrain means no compromises.

Thanks to the latest trunnion mount shocks, they can keep the top tube nice and low, meaning a lower jump in standover height from the Frechdax (a 16″ – 20″ wheel full susser aimed at younger kids ranging in height from 100cm to 140cm). Before, there was a pretty big jump but the new frame design evens things out.

Formula brakes, Manitou fork, Rockshox piggyback Shock, this build is lush.

Price is €1,799, and weight of the build shown is 12.3Kg. Read down to see geometry. Recommended sizing between both wheel sizes covers kids from 130cm up to 160cm. It’s available from Propain’s website now.

Propain really aren’t fooling around when it comes to designing and making bikes for kids – they recognise that talent starts young, and the better equipped those kids are, the more it can be developed. The Propain Gravity Kids team is for ages 8 – 14, and rather than force them into racing or competitive settings, it’s simply focussed on developing and supporting such kids as riders. Check them out!

Propain Gravity Kids
Coached by Marcus Klausmann and managed by David Mörs, Propain Gravity Kids is for children aged 8 – 14.
Propain aren’t just dabbling in kids bikes – they’re committed to developing talent at such young ages and have their own line of components for smaller riders.
These kids are certainly putting Propain’s kit to the test…

Here’s the geometry of the 2018 Yuma:

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