Now On iTunes – Mountain Biking: The Untold British Story

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Mountain Biking: The Untold British Story is a film we co-produced with award winning independent film makers Pip Piper and Michael Clifford last year. Telling the story of the British mountain bike scene, it’s a great trip down memory lane for some, and an insight into how we got here for newcomers to the sport. It’s been available on DVD and Vimeo for a while, but now you can also rent or buy it from iTunes.

All you Geoff Apps fans who tuned in to watch our Andi talk to him at Tweedlove will be pleased to see Geoff featuring in this movie, along with Tracy Moseley, Martyn Ashton, Steve Peat, Jason McRoy, Gary Fisher, and Danny MacAskill. Plus there’s a special guest appearance from our regular columnist Jason Miles.

At just over an hour long, downloading it to your iPad might just keep you (or the kids) quiet while you wait to board that plane. Alternatively, settle them down to watch it just as you start to pack the car for a family day out at a trail centre and by the time you’ve got all the bikes working and fitted everything into the car, they’ll be raring to get out there and have fun.

Click here to head on over to iTunes.

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    on google play anytime soon?

    finally! Yay! is it on netflix? 😉

    it was free to air on ‘Bike’ not long back.

    it’s also free on Amazon Prime Video (if you a Prime member) at the moment.

    You can watch it on Amazon Prime too

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