Danny MacAskill Rides Wimbledon

by Hannah Dobson 4

For some Wimbledon is fun, a symbol of summer. For others it is time to get out and ride because there is nothing on the telly except a ball going backwards and forwards many times.

Left, right, left, right, left, right.

Grunt, thwack, grunt, thwack, grunt, thwack.

Are tennis nets really built like this?
Are tennis nets really built like this?

Usually we’d ignore all that strawberry and white kit based goings on, but this ace little video court our attention so we thought we’d lob it your way.

Demonstrating his brand strength, Danny MacAskill of Drop (shot) and Roll has teamed up with HSBC sport to produce this video. There’s the usual Danny-balancing-on-things stuff, but wait to the end and there’s some pretty nifty ball play.

Did the crowd urge him to (j)umpire? Do you love this video? Are we tiring of all this or can we rally to one final pun, or is this volley of Dad-worthiness quite enough?

If you think you’ve got a witty return, head to the comments section.

Comments (4)

  1. No witty return, you have it, game, set and match.

  2. Danny looks tiny compared to those guys!

  3. But hat might be because Ivanisevic is over 6ft 4!!

  4. Great to see more of this making it into the main stream, wonder how many times he had to jump over the seats before Tim Henman agreed to sit there

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