Charlie The Bikemonger… Selling Bikemonger!

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Twelve years ago, Singletrack Premiere dealer (and current Singletrack Room 101 Judge, Jury, Executioner) Charlie The Bikemonger set up a small ebay store selling bike parts. He quickly expanded into a fully fledged shop that’s established itself with a nice turnover, including lots of web sales, and has been at the present location for the past four years.

The bike industry is no stranger to innovation, and this TWINDURO headset spacer means you can simultaneously open two beers.

You don’t have to be called Charlie to become a Bikemonger. If you’ve always fancied taking on a bike shop, and Dorset suits you, read on.

Charlie The Bikemonger
This is the most legible photo we have of Charlie.

He writes: “Would you like to be a Bikemonger?

Bikemonger ltd is an amazing place to work, and over the past 12 years it has grown from an eBay shop in the attic with one box of singlespeed parts, to a large store by the sea and a healthy turnover of circa £600,000, with great bikes from Surly, Salsa, Marin and loads of other cool brands.

Things are going really well. I’m still dead busy with sacks of bike parts leaving everyday, whilst still managing to get some awesome business trips in to the Highlands, Slovenia and closer to home on the local trails around the Isle of Purbeck.

Almost getting to the point… Bikemonger ltd is for sale.

What do you get?
* A cool shop by the sea (optional).
* £500,000 of award winning online sales means you can easily relocate.
* Total turnover is around £570,000
* A great brand.
* Webshop.
* Swanage Bike Hire.
* Unique stock.
* Workshop.
* Storerooms.
* Email list of over 14,000 customers.
* A new career making people happy and messing around with bikes.
* And me… I will stay on for a while and show you how to captain the good ship Bikemonger.
* Take it as it is and enjoy your new bike shop empire, or get stuck in and take it to the next level.

Why would I sell Bikemonger Ltd?
I sacked my corporate office job around 8 years ago to work full time on Bikemonger, and I have never been happier. It’s fun, it’s interesting, you get to travel the world and ride bikes.I still love the business and it’s all going really well. However my kids are now adults, Olive the dog is getting old, waves are going unridden, the whole world is out there and one Gravel Dash a year feels like a few too few.Take a look here if you think being a Bikemonger suits you. Here’s the link….

In the meantime, summer is here, bikes need to be built, the sun is out and it’s 100% business as usual.”

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