Review: Specialized Command IRCC Dropper Post

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In Issue #109 of Singletrack Magazine, we put 10 different height-adjustable seatposts through the grinder as part of our Dropper Post Group Test.

The latest Command IRcc dropper post from Specialized is only available in a 30.9mm diameter in the UK (although the US site also offers 31.6mm options), though you can choose 75mm, 100mm and 125mm travel. Inside, a mechanical locking system promises ten micro-adjust positions, rather than the infinite options provided by some other models. I’ve tested the 100mm version that came on a Specialized Rhyme.

specialized command dropper post ircc issue 109
The Command IRCC dropper post from Specialized is internally routed and offers 100mm or 125mm of travel.

Internally routed, fitting was no problem, with clear instructions for selecting the appropriate cable length. My lever fitted easily under the bars using the SRL on my 1x set-up, although bought as a separate item it also comes with a grip mounted lever.

specialized command dropper post ircc issue 109
With it’s ode to a SRAM trigger shifter, the SRL 1x remote is one of the best in the business.

In use, the mechanical system takes a bit of getting used to, as does the noise it makes – it sounds like a cable-tie being tightened. The ten positions aren’t especially noticeable – my behind is not sensitive enough to feel variations of one centimetre as I bump along a rocky trail – but the fact that there are definite positions rather than infinite choice is. I’ve found that if you want it all the way down, that’s fine, and down it goes, accompanied by the ‘zzzup’ cable-tie noise.

However, if you want it down ‘just a bit’ – for a technical climb, say – you might not end up quite where you expect. Depending on where you release the lever (and your thighs, which you’re going to need to control the descent or return) in relation to one of the ten stops, I’ve found you can get a bit of a ‘pop’ as the seat moves to meet a stop.

specialized command dropper post ircc issue 109
The Command dropper uses a mechanical locking mechanism to control post height.

The sales blurb promises that a “dual-key system eliminates saddle wiggle”. There’s definitely less wiggle than I’ve experienced on other droppers, but ‘eliminated’ is pushing it a little far – not that you’d notice once on the bike.

I’ve been using this post for four, admittedly summery, months, but during this time the performance of the post has remained the same. You can adjust the speed of the return by adding or removing air – while out of the box it’s offered a pretty spanky and audible return, I’d rather my post got back up quickly than be stood around waiting for it.

specialized command dropper post ircc issue 109
It’s a bomber design, but we’d like to see the Command dropper post with more travel please.


An action that takes a bit of getting used to, but so far it’s been a smooth and very reliable performer.

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Brand: Specialized
Product: Command IRCC Dropper Post
From: Specialized UK,
Price: £290
Tested: by Hannah Dobson for 6 months
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