Be Safe And Super Smug With These Magnet Powered Lights

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Danish based start-up, Reelight is taking the Kickstarter world by storm with a simple set of lights that work off the power of magnets rather than set of batteries.

Reelight have already had success with a similar Kickstarter project in the past, but their new product sees huge improvements including magnets that are down from 4.7 inches to just the size of a coin, an easy yet secure mounting system and a six times higher output.

The CIO LED bike lights that Reelight has developed are made to work constantly, so as a daytime running light through the day and as a standard blinking LED light at night to ensure you’re seen while on the road.

Reelight has designed the CIO to flash rather than stay on constantly, which likely uses much less energy and means that a small amount of power can be stored away for when you’re stationary at stop lights. With the wheel turning the magnet drives a small generator in the lamp that powers the blinking LED, but when stopped the light will continue to flash for up to 2 minutes.

The fact that there are no switches means that the rider will never forget to turn on their lights, and also makes the lamp unit more simple and less likely and therefore more reliable. In addition to boosting visibility and keeping safe on the road, the lack of batteries is also appealing to people’s environmental concerns too.

Originally Reelight was looking for 250,00 Danish kroner ($38,400 USD) to Kickstart the project, but the idea has already caught the imagination of cyclist around the globe and the current total raised sits at a whopping 633,318 Danish kroner ($99,644 USD) from 1,483 backers and there is still just under 2 days to go.

If you want to get involved with the project, or just learn more about the system head over to the Kickstarter page here.

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    I can see an easy light – Spoke interface occurring.

    more interestingly, that’s a shaft drive bike…

    Bouncing along rubbish British roads that light fitting will surely put the light in the spokes on day 1

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