Sea Otter 2017: Fix Mfg Wearable Tools

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Hans Rey introduced us to this chap, casually walking the aisles of the Sea Otter with his Laguna Rads T-shirt on and his wearable tools on hand…


Launched via Kickstarter, the Wheelie Wrench (there are other versions for skate and snowboards) is a slim multitool small enough to fit in the coin pocket of a pair of jeans, or as in this case, into a special belt buckle. There’s even a prototype version that’ll clip to the shoulder strap of a hydration pack or backpack. wheeliewrench_frontlr

OK, nice photo co-opting, Rads.
The tool slides out of this belt buckle (that also keeps your trousers up too. How about that?)
There was also a new prototype on show…
This version will slide on to just about any small strap

For more details, see Fix MFG’s website:

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    It looks like they’ve worked hard to place that bag buckle exactly in a really bad place for crashing

    Do like the belt though

    The bag-tool isn’t a buckle, it’s a sliding strap-mount that you could put on any suitable strap – I’d have thought that it’d fit well on a shoulder strap and be both out of the way, yet handy. We’ll see if we can get one in to look at.

    The belt plus multitool is $80 !!!! very cool, but very expensive

    A Rapha belt is over £80 and whilst you may look like a tool whilst wearing one, it doesn’t provide any functional benefit when something besides your pants needs adjusting.

    if you’ve got a bag why not have the tool in it?

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