Review: Wee Cog Slider Saddle Bag

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In Issue #111 of Singletrack Magazine, Wil tested the Slider saddle bag from Scottish brand Wee Cog

Saddlebags are kind of like the cargo shorts of the bike world. They’re both highly functional and incredibly useful, but for whatever reason, the fashion-conscious majority reached a seemingly unanimous decision some time ago that saddlebags were – most definitely – not cool.

wee cog slider saddle bag
Carrying spares and basic tools on any mountain bike ride is a must. And a saddle bag is a very tidy way of doing it.

This is a shame, because saddlebags are darned handy. With the recent trend away from using backpacks, more riders are looking to take the (literal) weight off their shoulders by sticky-taping tubes to their frames, stuffing jersey pockets with multitools, and wearing bib shorts with bottle pouches in them. Within this trend, I’m hoping that saddlebags will enjoy a resurgence. Because really, you needn’t ghetto-tape things to your bike when there’s a perfectly good little nook to pack all of those core essentials into the one location that’s discreetly mounted underneath your seat. Just as nature intended.

wee cog slider saddle bag
Wee Cog is a Scottish brand that does handmade saddle bags.

Wee Cog is a brand founded upon the humble saddlebag, and the Slider is its newest design. By losing the second Velcro strap that would normally wrap around the seat post, the Slider is billed as a dropper post-specific saddlebag.

wee cog slider saddle bag
A generous canvas construction with a big velcro strip for securing the load.

Wee Cog is based in Peebles in Scotland, not far from the trail centre Mecca of Glentress. All of its products are manufactured in Scotland by Rebecca Hall, who crafted handbags prior to launching Wee Cog. Built from a thick Cordura fabric, the quality of the Slider’s construction is evident the moment you clip it onto your saddle rails. A large nylon buckle locks the bag down, with an adjustable strap that allows you to keep it snug.

wee cog slider saddle bag
The volume is good for a spare tube, basic tools and a CO2 canister.

Like Wee Cog’s other saddlebags, the Slider uses a single wide-mouth opening held by Velcro. I’ve mostly used it to carry a 29in inner tube, tyre levers, a CO2 chuck and canister, and a multitool, but there’s still room to spare for things like chain links, cash and emergency gels.

wee cog slider saddle bag
A big nylon buckle keeps the Wee Cog attached to the saddle rails, and allows for jiggle-free security.

What I like most about the Wee Cog Slider is that it’s easy to change from bike to bike. Knowing that I’ve got the basics covered in one portable pouch that’s always underneath the saddle is reassuring, and it results in much less pre-ride faffing. Which is a big deal for me.

wee cog slider saddle bag
The strap needs sufficient tightening to keep the Slider bag in place, and it’s designed to clear the dropper post upper tube.

My least favourite aspect of the Slider is tyre buzz. I’ve only encountered the issue on full suspension trail bikes with 150mm travel droppers, where the rear tyre buzzes on the saddlebag under full compression. And that’s not really the fault of the Slider. However, it would be nice to see it offered in two sizes, with a slimmer volume option for true minimalists.

wee cog slider saddle bag
Depending on the frame and dropper post travel, the Slider bag can buzz on the back tyre during full compression.

Despite being buzzed nearly every ride for the past four months, the Slider has proved to be a tough little nugget, with no real damage to speak of. The other durability concern I had was with rubbing on the upper seatpost shaft, but again, this has been unfounded – there is simply not enough contact between the post and bag to cause any wear issues.

wee cog slider saddle bag
Despite numerous tyre buzz experiences, the tough Slider saddle bag has remained intact.


A tough and very well built bag that offers sensible stowage of the core essentials. Local manufacture is a bonus.

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Brand: Wee Cog
Product: Slider Saddle Bag
From: Wee Cog,
Price: £28
Tested: by Wil Barrett for 6 months

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