Deathgrip Diaries: The Highs, And The Lows

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Clay Porter and Brendan Fairclough’s upcoming mountain bike film Deathgrip is just over a week away from release. We’ve posted trailers for it a couple of times, because the cinematography is absolutely beautiful.

As well as trailers, they’ve been posting Deathgrip Diaries to YouTube too, and a couple of have shown really interesting sides to the process, or done unusual things for a video.

This first one is about the lows. Not everything goes to plan, especially when you’re up against a tight schedule. Those of you who’ve dug the odd trail feature here and there are probably familiar with the feeling of building something and it not quite being right, but if not, we’ve all at least ridden one of those odd, unflowy trail features that just doesn’t work. Now imagine sculpting something as beautiful as the berms below, over the course of a week, only to suddenly find out the only thing you can do is tear them down:

(No video? Click this link).

We all have bad days, but that’s a real stinker! Pretty stand up of Brendan to not just bury the footage.

Of course, our worst moments in biking tend to pale compared to the highs. Here’s a lovely uplifting supercut of all those fist bumps, whoops and hollers:

(If it’s not showing, try this link).


Deathgrip - The Lows
Less of this.

It’s unfortunate that not even bike journalists get to do that much travel for riding, let alone become riding gods. Watching is the next best thing though, and will have to suffice for most of us (except maybe Andi, who’s pushing closest of all of us to those stratospheric heights).

As well as Brendan Fairclough, other riders you’ll be able to see in the film are Brandon Semenuk, Josh Bryceland, Sam Reynolds, Ryan Howard, Nico Vink, Andrew Neethling, Kyle Jameson and Olly Wilkins. Deathgrip is released worldwide on May the 30th.

Deathgrip - The Highs
More of this!

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