SRAM Introduce 1x Specific Reverb Remote

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While photos have been circulating around the webisphere for the past few weeks, today RockShox officially releases its new Reverb 1x remote. Having been in development for the past two years, the new 1x remote uses a paddle-style design that mimics a lever on a front shifter, offering a much more ergonomic action compared to the existing push-style Reverb remote. As such, it’s only compatible with 1x drivetrain setups, though given our most recent drivetrain poll, it seems that less and less people are using front derailleurs these days.

You’ll be able to buy the Reverb 1x Remote as an aftermarket upgrade that is compatible with the latest generation of Reverb dropper posts (see more details below), and it will also be available as an option when purchasing a whole Reverb dropper post.

rockshox reverb dropper post stealth internal trigger hydraulic
With its paddle style, the Reverb 1x remote occupies the same space a front shifter would normally sit. Remember those?

The all-new Reverb remote pairs the superior ergonomics of SRAM’s shifter design with low-lever-force hydraulic actuation to create the world’s best dropper-post remote. Its excellent ergonomics and light touch mean that riders of all ability levels can use their Reverb posts quicker, more easily and more often, for better ride control everywhere on the trail. And the new Reverb 1x Remote’s Bleeding Edge™ fitting ensures that the periodic maintenance needed for optimum performance is about as hassle-free as working the remote itself.” – SRAM.

rockshox reverb dropper post stealth internal trigger hydraulic
Tucked underneath the bar, the paddle-style action offers a much more ergonomic feel compared to the existing push-style remote.

The RockShox Reverb 1X Remote Features

  • Designed to be used in place of a left-hand trigger shifter
  • Only compatible with 1x drivetrains
  • Hydraulic actuation for adjustability, low maintenance and low lever force
  • 69.2 grams: only 21 grams heavier than the standard Reverb remote
  • Compatible with all B1 and A2 Reverb and Reverb Stealth models (identifiable by the black return speed adjuster on the standard remote. Not compatible with original A1 Reverb models that are identifiable by a silver return speed adjuster)
  • MatchMaker X or discrete clamp options
  • Bleeding Edge™ lever bleed fitting
  • Tooled speed adjust
  • Available as an option on all Reverb Stealth models
  • Also available as a separate upgrade for existing Reverb dropper posts
  • Upgrade kit includes remote, Bleeding Edge™ fitting, discreet clamp, MMX clamp)
  • RRP: £90

Interested in seeing a bit more of the new 1x Remote in action? Then check out the video from SRAM below;

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    £90 rrp?, that’s taking the piss.

    Agreed, £90 is a criminal amount of money for what is essentially a small lever with a valve

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