First Look: Funn Mamba SPD Platform Pedals

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Up until recently, options for proper full-size platform clipless pedals were few and far between. And you can kind of see why. Traditionally, clipless riders are typically of the XC/trail ilk. And those riders (for the most part) simply haven’t required the big platform favoured by flat pedal shredders.

But times have changed. XC and trail riders are now riding more technical trails with more speed, and that’s changing the demands of their gear. Concurrently, many downhill riders have begun a mass-migration into the enduro category, warranting more pedal-friendly bikes and components as a result. As such, we’re starting to witness more trail riders using flat pedals, and likewise, more of the gravity-fuelled riders trying clipless pedals.

funn mamba pedal platform spd clipless
The Funn Mamba pedal combines the large platform of a flat, with the SPD mechanism of a clipless pedal. The best of both worlds?

While riders will likely still favour one pedal system over another, Funn is offering a new clipless pedal that’s designed to strike a balance between large platform stability, with clip-in assurance and efficiency.

Of course Funn isn’t the first brand to offer a large platform-style clipless pedal. Crank Brothers has been making the highly popular Mallet DH pedal for years. More recently, DMR introduced its first clipless pedal called the V-Twin, and Nukeproof announced a clipless version of the Horizon flat pedal, while HT Components has been delivering platform clipless pedals for years.

However, the Funn Mamba certainly has some interesting features to set it apart from its competitors, and that platform is yuuuuge! So is the Mamba SPD pedal the one to bridge the gap between clipless and flat pedals? Or is this one of those ‘Master Of None’ dealios?

funn mamba spd clipless pedals platform pins
Available in a multitude of colours, the Funn Mamba pedal is quite snazzy.

The Mamba pedal is ready for anything you can throw at them. Ready to be installed on your Enduro bike or your DH bike the Mamba was designed to keep you connected to your bike at all times. Available in a one sided or two sided clip versions to suit everyone’s riding styles.” – Funn MTB.

Funn Mamba Specifications

  • Large platform clipless mountain bike pedal
  • Compatible with Shimano SPD cleat system
  • AL 6061 Forged & CNC machined alloy body
  • Cromoly axle
  • Combination DU bushing & cartridge bearing internals
  • User-serviceable Grease Renew System
  • Platform size: 101mm x 102mm
  • Stack height: 13.4mm
  • Four replaceable threaded pins per side
  • Colours: Red, Orange, Blue, Black or Grey
  • Also available in a single-sided version
  • Claimed weight: 500 grams per pair
  • RRP: £113
funn mamba spd clipless pedals platform pins
The CNC machined platform measures up at 101mm x 102mm.

Before going any further, lets just acknowledge just how big the Mamba’s platform is (or how small my hand is??). Manufactured from 6000-series alloy that’s been forged and CNC machined, the platform measures 101x102mm in width and length. Compared to the likes of a Shimano XTR Trail pedal, that’s massive. It’s not quite as big as some of the biggest flat pedal platforms out there (a Crank Brothers Stamp Large measures 114x111mm), but it’s still pretty broad.

funn mamba spd clipless pedals platform pins
Pump in fresh grease via the Grease Renew System.

Inside that alloy pedal body is a Cromoly axle complete with a hybrid bearing system that consists of a DU bush and a sealed cartridge bearing. There’s a big rubber seal to keep the crud out and grease in, though for periodic maintenance without having to disassemble the pedals, Funn has also built in a clever Grease Renew System. This allows you to pump fresh grease into the pedal by removing a small 2mm hex bolt on the platform, and using a grease gun to inject the good stuff back into where it belongs.

funn mamba spd clipless pedals platform pins
Alloy pins are included with the pedal in the box.

Included in the box is a set of alloy pins that thread into the pedal body. There’s four pins per side, and a small socket comes with the pedals so you can install/remove the pins to suit your traction needs.

funn mamba spd clipless pedals platform pins
A small socket is included with the pedals to install and remove the pins.
funn mamba spd clipless pedals platform pins
The Mamba platform measures just 13.4mm thick.

Following the recent trend for flat pedals, the Mamba’s are quite thin. 13.4mm thick to be exact. The clipless mechanism itself sticks up further out than that, but as far as keeping the platform edges away from rocks and grabby roots, the thin platform should help.

funn mamba spd clipless pedals platform pins
The low-profile clipless mechanism is Shimano SPD compatible.

The mechanism itself is based on the Shimano SPD system. That means the Mamba pedal is compatible with Shimano SPD cleats, though a fresh set of cleats is included in the box with the pedals.

funn mamba spd clipless pedals platform pins
A 3mm hex bolt offers adjustment of the clip mechanism’s tension.

For adjusting how tight the mechanism clamps onto the cleats on your shoes, a 3mm hex key at the front hook of the mechanism offers adjustable tension. Funn doesn’t quote any specific float numbers with its pedals, so we’ll be keen to get these onto a bike to find out exactly how the mechanism feels on the trail.

funn mamba spd clipless pedals platform pins
Sans cleats and pins, the Mamba pedals just tip over 500 grams for the pair.

Weight-wise, the Mamba pedals come in at 506 grams for the pedals on their own. Add another 11 grams for all 16 pins to make it 517 grams in total – not far off Funn’s claimed weight.

funn mamba spd clipless pedals platform pins
Just how useful is that big platform on the trail? We’re eager to find out…

Alongside some other large platform style clipless pedals, we’re keen to see how the Mamba’s interact with a range of different test shoes we’ve got lined up for some dirt-digging over the coming months. So keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming group test of that flavour…

If you’re looking for more information on the Mamba pedals or the rest of the Funn MTB range, then you can either head to the Funn website or Funn’s UK distributor, Decade Europe, for all the details.

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