Canyon Launches New Children’s Bike Range

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Perhaps it’s the golfers-turned-weekend warriors effect, but it seems like parents are waking up to the idea that their kids might just enjoy the family outing along the tow path a little more if they weren’t trundling along on something as weighty as the family car and with geometry which might just be banned under a UN Resolution on stress positions. Until fairly recently, savvy parents checking out the child friendly options for their little shredders were faced with a choice of just two or three specialist manufacturers and models, but the mainstream bike companies are catching up and we’re seeing more and more offerings (and competition) in this market. Hopefully it’s a sign that there’s a future generation of cyclists coming – children who will grow up to be teenagers that hanker after a better bike for their 17th birthday rather than a provisional licence and a hatchback.

Into this growing market, Canyon has launched its new range of bikes, for children from 98cm tall and up. Let’s check them out.

Everything here says ‘we mean business’.

First up, the marketing package and aesthetics deserves a bit of a thumbs up. There’s no gender distinction going on here, no ‘colours for girls and others for boys’, just a range of colour choices that any adult would be glad to have on their bike, and a series of photos with kids looking like they mean business. OK, none of them are actually riding the bikes, but we’re digging the hero shots. Although we don’t fancy telling any of these kids it’s time to brush their teeth and go to bed. They might answer back.

Offspring AL 16

Offspring AL 16

This is the smallest bike in the range, the Offspring AL 16. This is for riders of height 98cm to 110cm, and has a 16″ rear wheel and 18″ front wheel. This is to try and improve momentum over rough surfaces for the leading front wheel.  It comes with SRAM Automatix 2-speed shifting (which gives you two gears without the complication of a shifter), a rigid fork, SRAM Level brakes and 450mm bars.The AL 16 weighs 8.2kg and this bike can be yours for £449.

Canyon colours.
Brilliant Blue?

Offspring AL 20

Offspring AL 20

Next up in the range is the Offspring AL 20, for riders 110cm to 125cm tall. This comes equipped with SRAM X4 9-speed shifting, a rigid fork, SRAM Level brakes and  500mm bars. This bike weighs 9.1kg and is priced at £599.

AL 20 in Canyon Colours
AL 20 Not So Mellow Yellow?

Grand Canyon AL 24

Grand Canyon AL 24

And then we have the Grand Canyon AL 24, for riders 120cm to 153cm tall. Again this has SRAM X4 9-speed shifting and SRAM Level brakes, but this time you get a Spinner Grind Air 65mm travel fork and 550mm bars. This bike weighs 10.9kgs and is £699.

AL24 – Rip It Up Red?
Canyon Colours again for the AL 24.

There’s a bunch of little design features that are interesting to see. As well as allowances for little hands when braking – levers are positioned on the slim 19mm diameter bars so that children can brake using more than just one finger – there are flared bar ends to stop hands slipping off the grips. In addition, the stem bolt has a soft rubber cover to help stop any painful wallops.

Ouch prevention
Ouch prevention

Weights and pricing look competitive compared to similar bikes in the market, plus here are all the other numbers:

                                     Offspring AL 16    Offspring AL 20      Grand Canyon AL 24
Seat Tube Length      183 mm                   250 mm                     297 mm
Top Tube length          386 mm                  438 mm                     470 mm
Head Tube Length     90 mm                    90 mm                       110 mm
Head Tube Angle       68°                          68°                              68°
Seat Tube Angle         74°                          72°                             72°
Chainstay Length       295 mm                  350 mm                    410.6 mm
Wheelbase                  736 mm                  875 mm                    954 mm
Stack                            371 mm                  423 mm                    507 mm
Reach                          287 mm                  304 mm                    319 mm
Standover Height      410 mm                   530 mm                   650 mm
Stem Length               45 mm                     45 mm                     45 mm
Bar Width                    450 mm                   500 mm                   550 mm

SRAM Level brakes – on all models
SRAM X4 – on AL 20 and AL 24

We look forward to seeing how popular these will prove – they certainly look like the kind of thing kids are going to lust after, and the weights and price look like they could compete, but are they going to challenge the established market leaders? We’ll wait and see. And we can’t help but wonder – with that AL naming, is there and Offspring C(arbon) in the pipeline too?

For all the information and to buy these bikes, go to the Canyon website.

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Comments (9)

    “… but are they going to challenge the established market leaders?”

    And what products would you say rival the AL 24?

    My research has only found one real comparison, especially considering the 1x drivetrain and air fork: Saracen’s Mantra 2.4.

    Further info would be great so I can choose for my little sprite on her next birthday.


    @stevispeedway The competition varies between the models as different manufacturers have different offerings at different sizes, but I’d say the Islabike Creig 24, Early Rider is launching a 24inch bike this spring – full details not yet on their website though. Commencal do a 24in with air fork, and Whyte’s 26in options are actually quite small in terms of standover. Much more choice than in years gone by!

    Don’t seem to have quite the traditional Canyon value, do they? An Islabike Beinn 20 large is £379, which seems to be equivalent to the Offspring 20 at £599. And Islabike are rarely accused of being cheap.

    @mountainsofsussex to be fair, I think the Offspring 20 has more competitors/less to set it apart others than the other two models. The 24 has suspension forks, and the 18 offers a mtb rather than hybrid ride at a small size. Rigid 20s are perhaps a little more easy to find?

    a crappie bike from argos is a rite of passage

    never mind the kids,I want one of those rubber stem bolt protectors for my bike!

    The weight of these bikes is too high. Kids like Islabikes because they don’t weigh half their body mass. Imagine if (even back in the day) someone tried to sell us mountain bikes that weighed half what we weigh.

    If there is a market for kids sized mountain bikes then they need suspension forks that are engineered for the loads they will be subject to and not full size forks that have been shrunk.

    Apologies for late reply @stwhannah, had a quick shufty at the islabikes Creig24 and it’s got sram nx 10 speed with narrow wide ring, weighs a few hundred grams less, though it costs £50 more. Given the crazy second hand prices on is islabikes, unless you wanted a matching his/hers/kids set of bikes, you’d surely be better off getting the islabike.

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