WTF: The LenzSport Fatillac Full Suspension Fat Bike

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When the Zombie Apocalypse arrives, we know exactly what mountain bike we’d want to be on; a LenzSport Fatillac.

Firstly though, an admission. The LenzSport Fatillac isn’t a new bike. It’s been kicking around for the last couple of years in various forms, including 27.5in and 29in plus versions, with 4in of travel front and rear. More recently, LenzSport has offered a beefed-up version that is available with either 5in or 6in of rear wheel travel, and the ability to fit a monster 180mm travel fork on the front. How’s that for full squish!

Combined with 4in wide tyres and a super-short 16.5in chain stay length, we just think the LenzSport Fatillac is absolutely ludicrous – in a good way.

lenzsport full suspension fat bike dorado
What a monster! The LenzSport Fatillac can fit 4in fat bike tyres and up to a 180mm travel fork. Photo: LenzSport.

The LenzSport Fatillac Specifications:

  • Multi-wheelsize options: 26x4in, 27.5x4in or 29×2.6in
  • Rear wheel travel: Choose from 150mm or 165mm options
  • Available to suit 140-180mm travel fork options
  • 67° head angle (with 150mm fork)
  • 16.5 inch chainstay
  • 100mm threaded bottom bracket shell
  • 12x177mm rear through axle
  • 1×11 specific
  • 30.9mm seatpost diameter
  • Routing for stealth dropper posts
  • RRP: $2600 USD (frame only)
lenzsport full suspension fat bike dorado
With its bridgeless upside-down design, the Manitou Dorado fork has loads of clearance. Even for 4in fat bike tyres. Photo: LenzSport.

Despite its relatively unknown niche status, LenzSport has been around for 20 years now. The tiny US micro-brand has been building US-made full suspension mountain bikes for that entire time, and was an early adopter of 29in wheels. In fact, the 5in travel Lunchbox full suspension 29er was quite the groundbreaker when it first appeared in 2007. Now, a decade later, every brand is coming out with 5-6in travel 29ers and calling it “a new thing”.

But while LenzSport is still making its characteristic big wheeler full suspension frames, the brand is continuing to push boundaries with wider and fatter tyres. Case in point is the Fatillac. Showcasing the same essential frame design and geometry as the Lunchbox 29er, the Fatillac subs in wider tyres and the ability to fit up to a 180mm travel fork. If you want plush suspension and bucket loads of traction to ride up, over and down anything, then this may be the ultimate go-anywhere two-wheeled vehicle.

lenzsport lunchbox 29er full suspension moab
This is the LenzSport Lunchbox 29er. The Fatillac uses the same core frame design and geometry, but adds in fatter tyres and the ability to fit longer travel forks. Photo: LenzSport.

With the kind of numbers that LenzSport is showing off with the Fatillac, we can’t think of anything else on the market quite like it. And with the ability to fit 26in fat tyres, 27.5in fat tyres or 29×2.6in tyres, there’s a whole load of versatility built into the one frame. For riders who live in colder climates with trails that attract blankets of snow in the winter, the ability to have a single full suspension bike with both a ‘winter’ and a ‘summer’ wheelset might be the versatility they’re looking for.

This is the LenzSport Behemoth; a 29+ or 27.5+ mountain bike with either 4in or 5in of rear wheel travel. Photo: LenzSport.

You asked for it, so you got it. The Fatillac full suspension fat bike is now a reality. This Lenz bike is here to redefine the fat bike genre. The Fatillac might just be the most versatile mountain bike to ever grace the world of hard core trail riding. It’s designed with the same geometry as the Lunchbox 29er, and with clearance for 27.5×4.0in tires or 26×4.0in tires, and you can swap in your 29×2.5in or 27plus shoes for the summer when you don’t want the fatties. So with two sets of wheels, and one bike, you have a bike that is a 29er trail bike in the summer and a full-on fat bike in the winter. With amazing plushness and agility on dirt and rocky trails and the added capability of riding in the snow, there is no limit to what you can do on this bike. Don’t let a little snow deter you from getting out and riding your favorite technical trail. Now you can ride those steep trails even when they are snow packed. This bike climbs well in snow and you can still hit the drops that you normally would on a dry day.” – LenzSport.

LenzSport manufactures all of its frames in the US, with a number of custom options available, and the Fatillac frameset is available in five different frame sizes below (see geometry chart below).

For more info on the LenzSport Fatillac, head to

LenzSport Fatillac geometry.

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