Ancillotti formula suspension brakes enduro racing

Spotted: Ancillotti’s New Formula-Equipped Enduro Bike

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In a press release that’s currently being circulated by Formula, the Italian company has just announced it will be partnering with a fellow Italian manufacturer, Ancillotti, to form a new enduro race team. Both brands have a long history of working together, and both have extensive experience in the moto world outside of mountain bikes – so it seems like an appropriate fit.

Formula itself has been on a roll over the past 12 months, having launched the new Cura hydraulic disc brake, the beefy new Selva Boost fork, and a whole new range of mountain bike wheels under the Linea label. We recently caught up with Formula at Eurobike, where the company was showing off new branding. All signs point towards a reinvigoration for the hydraulics specialist, and based on the below press release, one that appears to be gathering momentum.

However, it isn’t just the new team that raised our eyebrows – let’s have a closer look at the bike those Formula components will be strapped to.

Ancillotti formula suspension brakes enduro racing
Ancillotti & Formula are joining forces for 2017.

Heard of Ancillotti Bikes? Chances are, not many of you will have. Those who do have will recall that this is a name that has been in mountain biking for a long time. Like Formula, Ancillotti has most of its prior experience in the motorbike world, though has more recently been offering specialist mountain bike product targeted towards the race scene. The gravity riders out there will likely remember the Ancillotti name from a few years ago, when the likes of Brook MacDonald and Wyn Masters were aboard the exotic machines. The Tuscan-based manufacturer has been a little quiet since then, but from the looks of this press release, there’ll be some fresh product to come our way soon…

Ancillotti formula suspension brakes enduro racing
The current Ancillotti Fry from 2014.

Based on the photos provided in the Formula/Ancillotti team press release, it looks like team riders will be aboard a new version of the Ancillotti Fry enduro bike. The Ancillotti website hasn’t been updated since about 2014, so the details and images are a bit old. Even then however, the 180mm travel Ancillotti Fry was rocking a 65° head angle and an enormous 1210mm wheelbase length. Most notably, it also has a super steep near-vertical seat tube. Mind you, each bike is apparently custom built for the rider, so fully customised geometry and fit comes along with it.

Ancillotti formula suspension brakes enduro racing
Some serious moto inspiration going on here.

Aside from the frame, Ancillotti also builds its own coil shocks. The shock sits low down in the frame behind the bottom bracket, and a dual link is driven by the long single-pivot swingarm, and compresses the shock from below. It certainly looks low-slung, but with our skeptical British hats on, we’d be hoping for some kind of mudguard to shield the shock from spray off the rear tyre. Also unique

Ancillotti formula suspension brakes enduro racing
Is that carbon fibre we see? Or just a sneaky 3k weave sticker?

The Ancillotti bike shown in the Formula press release is a little different however, and it’s a lot shinier too. Of course it’s fully decked out in Formula components, including a 180mm travel Selva Boost fork up front, Linea wheels, and Cura disc brakes. However, there appears to be a carbon-weave finish on several of the tubes on the mainframe. We’ve got our zoom detector on, but we’re not 100% sure whether the carbon weave is simply a surface sticker, or whether the frame is made up of genuine carbon tubes and alloy lugs – anyone want to chime in there?

Ancillotti formula suspension brakes enduro racing
The Ancillotti team bikes will be decked out with Formula forks, brakes and wheels.

What’s also clear from the press release, is that the two companies are keen on working together to “redefine gravity racing” – read into that what you will. Given that Formula is still growing its suspension line, that could mean a number of different things. Perhaps Formula is looking to develop a dual-crown downhill fork? Ancillotti make a downhill frame, so that’s entirely possible, and Formula does make downhill disc brakes, so it would make sense for the brand to expand its suspension and wheel offerings to match. One of the new Ancillotti team members is a young Italian downhill racer, so there’s another clue.

As of yet, Formula doesn’t offer rear shocks, but perhaps this partnership is the start of further development in that area?

Ancillotti formula suspension brakes enduro racing
Stay tuned for more news from both Italian companies…

Press Release

Formula and Ancillotti join forces in 2017: The partnership between Formula and Ancillotti has been going on for many years. A collaboration which has united two italian brands that have left a mark in the history of gravity disciplines. In 2017 Formula and Ancillotti will be together on the race track to continue to pursue an ambitious goal: redefine gravity racing.

The Ancillotti team will once again be heavily involved in enduro racing, both nationally and internationally. The Team roster in 2017 includes Johannes Von Klebelsberg. A young talented rider that has already won the italian national downhill title and who scored a sensational 37th place in Mont Sainte Anne at his first ever world cup race in the élite category.

Tomaso Ancillotti (brand owner) said: “We are very proud to be supported by Formula in 2017. Our collaboration started in 1994 and has never stopped since then. Partnering with Formula is like being in a family. With their support we have reached many achievements in the history of our brand. In 2017 we will race a full package with Linea wheels, Selva fork and Cura brakes. We’ve always been involved in product development with Formula, which is why we have an amazing feeling with their products. We’re focused on ‘race oriented’ products and this partnership is very important to us”.

Johannes Von Klebelsberg said: “We are delighted to be working with Formula. They support us from a technical point of view by giving us great help in finding the right set-up. Enduro racing is hard and very tiring, only with a perfectly balanced bike and thanks to great components, and a great team we are going to be able to compete at the highest level. We will give our best and we are super excited to get our wheels back on the race course”.

– End Press Release –

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    Never seen one of these in the flesh. I’m always assumed they were downhill-focussed, but not many reports about.
    Always loved the low-slung look of them. Logo isn’t to my taste though 🙂
    Certainly looks like the seat post supports are carbon

    Almost certainly all alloy, only that one bike has the stickers on and there are alloy braces welded on between the tubes.
    I longed for one of their DH bikes back in the early 2000’s, its just a shame your stuck with their own brand shocks.

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