Monday Motivation

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Last week you offered up an eclectic mix in response to our ‘bike brands’ theme. Sadly though it didn’t get Hannah motivated enough to hop on that turbo trainer (although she did achieve some cake offset by riding a real bike on plenty of occasions). But the Dirty Reiver beckons, and now she’s eyeing up Grinduro too, so she really does need to put in some decent efforts on the training front.

For this week theme then, picture yourself at mile 80 of a 100 mile challenge. Your legs are tired, your bum hurts, you’ve run out of jelly babies, and it’s starting to drizzle. There’s a bail out point approaching, but as you get there, they’re playing your tune. You grab some food from the feed station and pedal on – not towards the campsite and warm showers, but the remaining 20 miles.

What is that tune? That one that’s going to spur you on, lift your heart, and get your head down. The one that makes you say ‘Have It!’.

Here we go:

1 – We start the playlist with a tune, and we set the theme.

2 – You leave your tune suggestions in the comments section (on our website, not Facebook) – one track per person, and it must fit with the theme (you can explain it if you’re feeling obscure).

3 – When we have 10 suggestions, we’ll create a playlist. If you’re  too slow to get your suggestion in, you’ll just have to be quicker next time, we’re taking the first ten answers only!

4 – The link to the playlist will visible to subscribers only, to listen to and use how you wish. Of course, if you’re not a subscriber you could read the comments and make your own playlist, but with digital subscriptions starting at £1.49 a month, subscribing is easier.

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With the theme of ‘Have It!’, let’s start this one off with one that it has been scientifically proven (with no shadow of alternative fact doubt) that it is impossible to sit still to.

Your nominations are in. Here’s the playlist:

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Comments (14)

    ‘Have it’??! Do you know old we are? tsk…

    If you must then:
    Nero – Space 2001

    Machine Gun by Jimi Hendrix, ideally live at Fillmore East New Year concert 1969/70.

    Massive, frantic enough to persuade you off the track and into the trees!

    Grinduro… Like ‘smiling beatifically’ or ‘saddle sodomy’?

    M-People, from the album Bizarre Fruit: Search for the hero (inside yourself). Could also suggest the song with the line “What have you done today to make yourself proud?”
    Led Zeppelin: Kashmir- it is just a very stirring piece of music.
    Finally there is an Eminem track “Lose Yourself” which contains the following: “Look if you had one shot, or one opportunity, to seize everything you ever wanted in one moment, would you capture it or just let it slip?”

    I’ve never needed tunes to get me riding, but if I did, I’d use ‘Little Sister’ by Queens of the Stone Age – clip clop reminds me of horses and motivates me to ride whenever the trials are dry enough to avoid being quagmired by hooved beasts.

    Choose to Live by Reef (hopefully the lyrics will explain the link)

    Running on empty.

    Bliss by Th’ Dudes.

    I was of course forgetting last time: the all purpose best song in the world: Werewolves of London by Warren Zevon. It will take your mind off all suffering, and you too will want a large dish of beef chow mein.

    Remember the name by Fort Minor (this 10% luck, 20% skill, 15% concentrated power of will 5% pleasure and 50% pain and 100% reason to remember the name)

    Without a doubt Born Slippy (Nuxx remix) Underworld. How can anyone remain still while this is playing? It regularly pops up as an earworm fro me when I’m out riding both off- an on-road.

    In My Head by the aforementioned Queens Of The Stoneage

    Listening to this has been an education, as I am nearly 62 and the music which I know best is from 1967-1973. I confess I learned of the Eminem track in Andy Kirkpatrick’s book 1000+ climbing tips where it appears as tip 809 in a section headed Overcoming Fear.
    Tip no 895: Kurt Vonnegut once said ” peculiar travel suggestions are dancing lessons from god”. Embrace any opportunity that comes your way or which you can manufacture, and try mot to let work, money or time get in the way of gold medal moments all the time.

    @fatoldman I like that Tip 895 a lot. Thanks.

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