Get An EWS Wildcard At The Madeira Enduro

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If you’re looking for your big break into the Enduro World Series, then you might want to know about this one. Held in mid-February, the Enduro Challenge is an enduro stage race is a well-known event in Madeira, but has also become a popular race for international competitors looking to warm up to the incoming EWS season.

For the 2017 Enduro challenge however, we suspect there’ll be a few more competitors saddling up at the start line. As part of this year’s event, the organisers are giving away three wildcard entries to the EWS. That’s right – race the Enduro Challenge and get yourself on the podium, and you could be on your way to a spot in the 2017 EWS circuit!

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madeira enduro world series ews
This looks not-terrible. Photo: António Abreu, MADproductions.

Press Release

The fifth edition of the Enduro Challenge will official open the 2017 regional season in Madeira, covering some of the most spectacular trails on the West side of the island, on the 19th of February. Although this race is part of Madeira’s enduro calendar, it is known to welcome athletes from all around the world that most times are just in the middle of bike holidays around the island. The race is also a good way to warm up for the upcoming international season, as you can ride in Madeira all year round and experience a wide variety of trails, terrain, technicality and landscapes in a small location. It’s expected that some international teams will join this event to get to know Madeira in a different way before kicking off their seasons.

madeira enduro world series ews
Mountains, trails, dry trails. Count us in! Photo: António Abreu, MADproductions.

This will certainly be a special year for Madeira, as it will host the third stage of the Enduro World Series, from 8th to 14th May. The international two days race will be taking place on the East side of the island, going through Machico, Funchal and Santa Cruz councils. The organizers, Clube Caniço Riders and Freeride Madeira, that also host Enduro Challenge Madeira and Enduro World Series Madeira, will be giving three wild cards to the winners. Obviously, if the winners are EWS athletes or have direct entries, the wild cards will be passed to those immediately behind. This is your chance to visit mountain bike paradise, Madeira, escape the cold, ride epic trails and grab a chance to win a pass to Enduro World Series Madeira!

madeira enduro world series ews
If you’re hungry for a ticket to the EWS, the Enduro Challenge in Madeira could just be your chance. Photo: António Abreu, MADproductions.

Event Details

  • Training day: 18th February
  • Race day: 19th February
  • Location: Ponta do Pargo, Calheta
  • Riders with UCI license: 35€
  • Riders without UCI license: 49€
  • Chip Rental: 5€
  • Distance (app.): 34km
  • Total Downhill (app.): 2100 meters
  • Total Uphill (app.): 1200 meters
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