First Look: Fast Suspension Holy Grail Shock

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Our Premier Dealer Aaron’s Bikes in Jersey has hooked us up with Fast Suspension, a relatively new kid on the after market suspension block. Fast Suspension is a French company making suspension components for mountainbikes, motorbikes and rally car markets. It is looking to expand its UK market, and is even setting up a factory in Jersey (which for various legislative reasons looks to be a potential handy base for anyone wanting to cater to UK and European markets in a post-Brexit world).

Fast suspension Holy Grail Aaron's Bikes
The Holy Grail

Available in a range of custom colour finishes, the Holy Grail retails at £585, plus £85 for the spring. If the product is as good as they claim, this puts the Holy Grail in competition with existing coil shock manufacturers.

Fast suspension Holy Grail Aaron's Bikes
Customisable colours & made to measure

Using a single tube design and the “twin stage” (patent pending) piston, Fast claims this shock offers an exceptional sensitivity to tracking while maintaining control and consistency over high speed impacts. Fast also says that this twin stage piston allows the rebound to be adjusted without affecting the compression settings.

Fast suspension Holy Grail Aaron's Bikes
Bespoke shock at a competitive price?

Friction between the body and canister are reduced by applying a hard coat treatment with PTFE impregnation. While a chrome option is available for the main piston shaft, Fast says that the DLC (Diamond Like Coating) will further reduce the coefficient of friction by half compared to the chrome shaft option – although it does come at an extra financial cost.

Fast suspension Holy Grail Aaron's Bikes
PTFE impregnation for reduced friction

The seals are composite seal that Fast says generates less friction, allowing shaft speeds of up to 5 meters per second. When you’re pedalling rather than plummeting, you can lock the shock out for improved pedalling efficiency.

Fast suspension Holy Grail Aaron's Bikes
‘Twin Stage’ piston

As each damper is assembled the shock will be tailored to your needs – dependant on bike, riding style/ discipline, weight and preference.

Fast suspension Holy Grail Aaron's Bikes
Springs available separately

If you change frames, Fast can adjust your shock for you, changing the stroke and retuning it for your new bike. Fast says that the shock is suitable for trail, enduro and downhill.

Fast suspension Holy Grail Aaron's Bikes
Watch this space.

This one is a display model – we’ll be getting one built to fit one of our test bikes and riders, then we’ll let you know how we get on.

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