Don’t Come A Cropper On The MTB Hopper!

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I don’t know about you, but back in my day, we didn’t need anything better than a plank of wood and some bricks to make ourselves a super janky bike jump. Mind you, Chipps’ pointed out to us that back in his day, all he had was a stick and a lump of coal, and he had to ride them to school and back 118 miles every day. So I guess the lesson in this is that progress marches on, or some bollocks like that.

Anywho, back to janky bike jumps. So there’s an Indiegogo campaign on right now for a portable bike jump. It’s called the MTB Hopper, and the tag line is this: “Celebrate your personal victories anywhere!“. It’s a bit vague, but if by “personal victories” they mean “slamming one’s face into course chip-seal while being filmed on a friend’s smartphone before being uploaded onto the internet”, then WHERE DO WE SIGN UP?!

indiegogo portable jump ramp
Implement of riding carnage, or abstract briefcase?

Right, so the MTB Hopper is a foldable bike jump made of wood. It weighs less than an obese child and packs up to about the same size as an abstract briefcase. Imagine the looks you’d get opening this up in the strategic planning meeting!

indiegogo portable jump ramp
If you look confident enough, people will think it’s a real briefcase.
indiegogo portable jump ramp
RedBull Rampage take note.
indiegogo portable jump ramp
This transition is far too smooth. Needs more flat.

Once you’ve transported your portable death trap to your place of filming, simply unfold it, lock it in place, and get ready to huck your way to YouTube celebrity status!

indiegogo portable jump ramp
Better yet, give it to a young BMX’er.

The MTB Hopper was invented by riders from Lithuania – where apparently there are not a lot of mountains. So, they decided to create their own mini-mountain that you can take with you wherever you like.

If you dig the concept, check out the Indiegogo page for more info, or just watch this video that is clearly missing an entire crash sequence that we are 100% sure happened in the filming process.

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