WTF: Fancy Riding Supermarket Bikes On A Tightrope?

by Andi Sykes 0

Generally, it’s the pros who risk their lives to give us a few minutes of distraction. Video’s like Fabio Wibmer’s ride along an icy railing next to a dam on a windy day or the latest Danny Macaskill edit are usually enough to get our pulses rushing but for some, that’s not enough! Simply watching the danger won’t satisfy these people, they want the rush of danger, the thrill of being a daredevil! They want the SkyCycle!

Located at Eden Nature Park in the Philippines, the SkyCycle is a set of tightropes suspended 60 foot above the forest floor, but rather than walk across them visitors are challenged to ride along the ropes on slightly modified supermarket grade mountain bikes.

It’s hard to see in the video, but the tyres have been replaced with a solid rubber strip with a slot for the wire to sit in, while the rear of the bike has a metal mast that clips to a separate cable running above.

Obviously, we’ve not tried it, but the design should mean you just have to pedal and not really worry about balancing, or worry about impending doom.

Safety if obviously paramount on the Skycycle and riders must wear helmets, and safety harnesses, while the bikes themselves boast suspension up front you know in case you come across a particularly rocky section of rope?…

If the fear of falling off a supermarket bike 60 feet above a jungle in the Philippines still isn’t enough to excite you then you could always add a bicycle laser tag to the whole shebang and set off on a real aerial bicycle dogfight!

Can’t see the video? Click here.