Gift Giveaway: Christmas Countdown Day 19

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Yes it’s Day 19, and the fourth AND FINAL week of our HUGE Singletrack Advent Calendar Christmas Countdown Competition Giveaway Bonanza! No idea what we’re talking about? Look here to see all of the prizes available for you to win throughout this week. Missed last week? Need more gift ideas for the cyclist in your life? Then check out what you missed in week 1, in week 2, and week 3.

But you don’t care about that right now, because YOU want to know what you could WIN today right??

Well take this and shove it down your chimney – it’s a set of brand new DMR Death Grips!

DMR Death Grip

dmr grips
“A grip for the brave”

Yep, you have a chance to win not just one pair of these grips… but TWO! One for you and one for your friend YOU.

It’s a Brendon Fairclough and DMR collaboration… so with these grips, you *might* be able to ride just as fast as Mr. Fairclough himself (Brendon, not Norman the linguistics guy – although he’s probably the ultimate shredder).

dmr grips
Kids want a pet reptile for Christmas? Just get them this to stroke instead. They’ll never know.

DMR Death Grip Features

  • Tapered Core meaning no need for outer lock ring
  • Waffle and Knurl patterns for masses of grippy-grip
  • Mushroomed ends for comfort
  • Available in Thin (ø29.8) or Thick (ø31.3)
  • Available in Soft (20A Kraton) or Hard (25A Vexk)
  • RRP: $16.99 each
He knows when you are sleeping…
dmr grips
…and he knows when you’re awake. ARGH!!

But forget scary Santa. Think about the DMR grips you could snag. And it’s super easy to win. Just watch the Facebook Live video below and tell us who is today’s Singletrack Christmas Tree Fairy:

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How To Enter

Now you know who is on our tree today, all you gotta do is this:

Email with the subject line: ‘Gift Giveaway Day 19‘.

In your email include;

  1. The answer to the question: Who is on our tree today?
  2. Your Username (it’s free to register so go here if you’ve not yet got one)
  3. Your real name and postal address (so we can send you the prize if you win!)

Mega Sack

But wait, THERE’S MOAR! Do that, and not only will we enter you in the draw to win today’s gift giveaway, but we’ll also give you one entry into the Great Big Box Of Year Round Love giveaway. Also known as the Singletrack Mega Sack Of Awesomeness, this is a box containing one of everything we give away each day. It’s a big box! As a bonus prize, whoever wins the Great Big Box Of Year Round Love will have the option of joining us here for a day of coffee, riding, coffee, tea, fish and chips, and maybe even a cheeky beer. Please note that we can only post prizes to UK postal addresses, see here for full terms and conditions.

Want to be notified when we’re live so you can get entering straight away? Then click here!

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