Video Trailer: MTB Insights & The World’s Best Riders

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How good are mountain biking videos? Well, we like them anyway. Because if there’s anything that’s nearly as good as riding itself, it would be sitting back and watching incredible riders that make us feel like talentless hacks. Especially when those riders are risking life and limb to go bigger, faster and harder than ever before. While we watch them in the comfort of our own home. Drinking beer, eating cake.

Kinda weird isn’t it when you think about it?

Anywho, looking to dig deep into the minds behind those big moves, Xtreme Video will be releasing a new documentary called MTB Insights Season 2. Due to come out in the latter part of 2016/early 2017, we’ve just been sent the opening trailer for the new movie, and it looks to be absolutely jam-packed with talented mountain bikers. Aside from edits of riders going absolutely huge or tearing down the side of a cliff on two wheels, it’s also chock-full of interviews with those riders, where they talk about what motivates them to ride in the first place, and how they got to riding at such a level.

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Going biiiiiig in the making of MTB Insights Season 2.

Here’s the official word from the crew behind MTB Insights Season 2:

After the success of Season 1, “MTB Insights“ is back with a new season, fresh faces and new places. Filmed in 4K with legendary riders such as Cedric Gracia and Cam Zinc, Season 2 begins with a Slope Style Event: Crankworx stop – Les 2 Alpes. Discover unique spots, like Bear Mountain Resort in Victoria Island as well as the legendary Coastal Gravity park.” – Xtreme Video.

Err, hold on mate, you’re meant to be going in a forwards direction…

So, who are all these talented buggers showing off in the documentary? MTB Insights Season 2 features the likes of Jordie Lunn, Curtis Robinson, Anneke Beerten, Cam Zink, Nicholi Rogatkin, Brett Rheeder, Brandon Semenuk, Max Fredriksson, Ryan Nyquist, Cedric Gracia, Emmilie Siegenthaler, Fabio Wibmer, Ramon Hunziker, Jaws Krzyszton, Martin Söderström and many more…

Check out the trailer below, and get yourself a bit of an insight into some of the talented mountain bikers who regularly leave our jaws on the floor with their riding abilities.

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