Video: Olly Wilkins’ Sound Of Speed

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Olly Wilkins is a bonafide legend both on his bike, and off it too. But we don’t really need to tell you that. The British shredder has become well known for many a Sick Edit®, including his work on the recent ‘Slice Of British Pie’ movie. His stylish and enormous whips are notorious, though when you spend your time shredding alongside Brendan Fairclough, there really is no other option but to go absolutely huge.

Olly Wilkins aboard his Focus JAM. This man only knows one speed.

As the brand manager at DMR Bikes, Wilkins is fully involved in the design and testing process for nearly all of DMR’s products. In fact, Wilkins is largely responsible for many of the pedals, grips, frames and components that many of you may ride with. In addition to being sponsored by Troy Lee Designs and X-Fusion, Wilkins was also recently picked up by Focus Bikes, and you may recall that he tore apart the Suzuki Nine Knights downhill course aboard a 140mm travel Focus JAM trail bike. Utter madness.

Want to see some of that utter madness? Then this is a video you MUST watch RIGHT NOW. It’s Wilkins at his very best, with no music, no banging soundtrack, but just the sound of tyres scrabbling on soft loam and a freewheel buzzin’ in the wind. Class.

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