Video: Morvelo Presents Four The Love Of Bikes

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We’re prepared to go out on a limb here when we say this, but we’re betting that most of you reading this are in love with bikes in one way another. Be it trail riding, XC racing, dirt jumping or downhill sledding, all of us love taking to the dirt with two wheels, in one way or another.

But what about other forms of riding? You know, things like commuting, road riding, touring and bike-packing. Oh, and bike-planking too. Do you love those as well? Have you tried them? And are you the kind of person who loves anything on two wheels, or does your heart bleed ONLY for mountain biking?

morvelo video four the love of bikes road cross cx cyclocross, trail shave
As Pantling says, a cyclocross bike isn’t amazing at anything, but it’s a bike that can pretty much do anything. Local singletrack a bit dull? Get a ‘cross bike on there, and everything boring becomes exciting again!

Sam Pantling is a fella who really, really, loves bikes. He also happens to be pretty darn handy at riding them too. Pantling has a number of accolades to his name, including a 4th place solo finish at the 24-hour Mountain Mayhem, taking out the Mixed 4 category at the Relentless 24-hour National Champs, and nabbing 3rd at the British National Fat Bike Championships. Heck, just typing those things makes us feel exhausted, let alone even attempting them.

Based out of Dartmoor in the UK, Pantling has been riding bikes for about 10-years now. He rides for the likes of Morvelo, Swift Carbon UK, Orange Mountain Bikes, USE Exposure, and Hope Tech, and he’s all about riding as much as possible, on as many different bikes as possible. Enduro, XC, Marathon, Singlespeed, Adventure, Fat bike, CX, Road, BMX – everything. Well, except maybe bike-planking.

morvelo video four the love of bikes road cross cx cyclocross, trail shave
Riding mountain bikes is a totally different experience to riding road bikes. But that’s exactly why Pantling loves them both.

“Most arrive in the world of cycling by following a single path, falling in love with one type of bike that spoke their language. The problem with following one path however, is that you only get to one perspective. One journey. One experience. The real beauty of the bicycle is in variety. Two wheels they may all have, but the number of different experiences you can have is huge and doesn’t Sam Pantling just know it.” – Morvelo.

morvelo video four the love of bikes road cross cx cyclocross, trail shave
Love mountain biking? Also love camping and the outdoors? Then bike-packing is about as good as it possibly gets.

Pantling recently teamed up with British cycling apparel company, Morvelo, to produce a video called ‘Four The Love Of Bikes’. It’s a simple but beautifully shot video, which not only highlights Pantling’s clear passion for anything on two wheels, but also the variety of riding experiences that are available to us mountain bikers – and every other cyclist too.

If you’re looking for some Friday afternoon inspiration to get you ready for a weekend of riding good times, then do yourself a favour and enjoy this one from start to finish – though if you’re like us, you might just want to finish up work early and get out there right now!


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