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Somewhere in the world, lots of people are buying stuff, apparently. People are fighting over cut price electronic gadgets that will toast their breakfast waffles while simultaneously straightening their hair. Others are buying three heated footstools for in the living room, because at 70% off RRP you might as well have one for you, one for them, and one for the cat, right? And it still only costs as much as if you’d only bought one, which did seem like quite a lot for something you’d never realised you needed but it’s 70% off and they didn’t have any kettles (which you did need) left.

Some of these things are going to get placed into gift bags and given to you by well meaning relatives. The entire church hall raffle economy depends on people buying ridiculous quantities of ridiculous stuff, and for some unfathomable reason, they’re all buying it today. Don’t be those people. Step away from the footspa and the massage seatcover.

A 3 day olde tamale dinner special at Poppi’s 📷 @tytanium

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Besides, you’re going to need your money, for stuff for you. You went to work, you earned the cash, you sat in the office or slaved on the shop floor to make it. You could have been like Mr Ultraromance, worked as little as possible and lived off beans, and spent much more of your life riding. But instead you supported your dependants, earned enough to wear a full complement of clothes a little more often than Bene and pay for boring but important stuff like dental work and Council Tax. So why shouldn’t you spend a little on yourself? Maybe there’s something in the list below that will take your fancy? Maybe there’s something that has been stupidly reduced in the name of the Friday whose colour we shall not mention?

Maybe you are protesting the import of rampant consumerism and are on a strict buy nothing day. Maybe you’re spending the day tweeting about how you’re not buying anything and the only gifts you’re giving this year will be some home made wine made from fruits gathered by your own fair hand from your local hedgerows. There’s an elderflower cordial for the the children too, although the only elderflowers you could find were growing along the side of the M4, so the lead content might be quite high.

Or maybe you’re here just hiding from it all. In which case, when you’re done reading what lies ahead, you might like to come back to this. Any blank pages, typographical errors or general cock ups contained in the magazine which we sent to the printer this week have absolutely nothing to do with this. Nope. We’ve not been distracted at all. Total focus. When we saw that hill on the trail we didn’t find ourselves pressing our middle finger in an effort to press the up key into pedalling harder. Not us…much.

But before you get on with whatever you’re doing, be that actual functional tasks or functional task avoidance, let us get on with the only Friday that is of any importance. It knows no colour, and rarely causes public fights. It’s Fresh Goods Friday!

Giant Anthem 1

giant anthem fox 34 trunnion shimano 1x11 carbon alloy dropper
The brand new 2017 Giant Anthem 1. Same name, but this ain’t the Anthem as you know it.

This, is the brand new 2017 Giant Anthem. It’s had a serious re-work over the last model, and is basically super-dooper new from the ground-up. Available in alloy and carbon versions, we’ve got the Anthem 1 on test, which is the top-spec version with the Alluxx alloy frame. It’s got 110mm of rear travel, 27.5in wheels, and a 120mm travel Fox 34 on the front.

giant anthem fox 34 trunnion shimano 1x11 carbon alloy dropper
Are we ready to sing Giant’s new Anthem??

A Giant Anthem, the day after Thanksgiving. An excuse to link to this.

giant anthem fox 34 trunnion shimano 1x11 carbon alloy dropper
One-piece carbon fibre upper rocker link, complete with two sealed bearings at the upper shock eyelet.

The new Trunnion mount features at the core of the updated Maestro suspension system, which now delivers 110mm of travel over the old Anthem’s 100mm. Wanna know if it makes a difference? Then make sure you’ve subscribed before Sunday night to get your copy of Issue 110 to find out what Wil thinks of this new set up.

giant anthem fox 34 trunnion shimano 1x11 carbon alloy dropper
How will the Maestro conduct the Anthem’s performance on the trail??

The composite Trunnion mount has changed the way the shock can be mounted, as well as being stronger and lighter than the old alloy version. It’s also got blue bits on it, so there’s another feature for ya.

giant anthem fox 34 trunnion shimano 1x11 carbon alloy dropper
One-piece alloy swingarm on the Anthem 1, complete with Boost 148x12mm thru-axle.

Full Shimano Deore XT M8000 drivetrain and brake setup on the Giant Anthem 1. For the same monies, you can get the Anthem Advanced, which comes with a lower-spec groupset, but the lighter carbon frame. In total, there are 6 different Anthems, so there’s likely to be one that’ll play to your budget.

giant anthem fox 34 trunnion shimano 1x11 carbon alloy dropper
Hungry? Here’s a dinner plate cassette for you with an enormous 46t low gear so you can eat up all those nasty tech climbs.

While most brands are spec’ing the smaller 11-42t cassette on their XC bikes, Giant has enlisted the low-gearing assistance of Shimano’s new 11-46t Deore XT cluster. That’s some big ol’ sprockets right there!

giant anthem fox 34 trunnion shimano 1x11 carbon alloy dropper
The Maestro system works via two small links that connect the rear swingarm, to the front triangle.

Regardless of price, all Giant Anthem models come spec’d with an alloy one-piece swingarm. It’s got a sleek bolt-up axle out back, which locks down the 148x12mm rear hub. The additional Boost offset used on the Anthem 1’s drivetrain has allowed Giant to shorten the chainstay to a snug 420mm. Toight like a toiger!

giant anthem fox 34 trunnion shimano 1x11 carbon alloy dropper
Fast rolling rubber from ze Germans.

Tubeless tyres come spec’d front and rear on the Anthem 1, with a Nobby Nic up front and a faster Racing Ralph out back. Wheels are Giant’s own XCR1 model, which features a carbon fibre rim with a 27mm internal width. They’re tubeless compatible, and they’re laced to straight-pull hubs with DT Swiss freehub guts.

giant anthem fox 34 trunnion shimano 1x11 carbon alloy dropper
Giant Contact SL Switch dropper post.

Despite being known as an XC race bike, the Anthem has stepped up its trail credentials for 2017 with a 750mm wide riser bar, a short 60mm stem, and an internally routed dropper post. We’re liking XC more and more these days.

giant anthem fox 34 trunnion shimano 1x11 carbon alloy dropper
This is the ‘Performance Elite’ version of the Fox 34. That means it doesn’t get the gold Kashima coat, but it basically has everything else, including the FIT4 damper.

Travel is also pumped up on the front of the Anthem, with a chunky Fox 34 delivering 120mm of slidey-ness. All blacked out because, well hey, it’s Black Friday! Or something…Yeah, we’ll work on those segues for you…

giant anthem fox 34 trunnion shimano 1x11 carbon alloy dropper
The Anthem 1 certainly packs a lot of value into its new package, but how does that translate out onto the trail?

The Giant Anthem 1 will be featured in the Issue 110 bike test, where it’ll be saddling up alongside the Trek Fuel EX and the Specialized Camber in a battle of the big names.

Spank Spoon Pedals

spank flat pedal pins
Moody blues?

14mm thick CNC’d aluminium pedals with ten pins per side, coming in three different sizes – these are Large. As you can see you install the pins yourself with the tools provided. The pedals have chamfered leading and side edges for improved clearance when cornering. Get your lean on.

Fiddle and fettle fun?

Nukeproof Horizon Pro Flat Pedals

Nuke Proof Pedals
Black crows?

Black anodised alloy platform and adjustable black pins for a stealthy set of foot podiums. Yes, we did just make that up. A couple of folks in the office are very keen on these, and they’re going into our flat pedal grouptest. By the time you see these again they’ll have been thoroughly ground through all that a UK winter has to offer.

NS Bikes Radiance Flat Pedals

Atomic Tangerine?

Glowing as if from an inner warmth, these fluorescent orange CNC machined monsters have 11 replaceable pins per side. Once again they’re off to the grouptest – will they still be hurting our eyes with their brightness when we see them again?

Endura Windchill II Jacket

Endura jersey
Wil working on the swim/run hybrid exercise craze that is going to make his fortune.

We know you love to see what poses Wil can come up with, so here he is in a very bright windproof jersey.

Pit vents. Don’t breath in, Wil.

As well as being windproof, it has a waterproof stretch front and sleeves, and thermal Roubaix underarm, side and back. Cosy.


Long back to keep you bottom warm, or to make sure the person behind you isn’t having an eyeful of butt-meets-back. Available in other colours if commuter-visible is not your thing. Now what is Wil up to? What is coming next?

Endura Thermolite Biblong

Ta dah! Strong man! Look closely, Wil still has a tan line.

Biblong is not in fact a small town in Australia, but are thermal bib tights with vest back and reflective flashes. Intended for wearing with additional clothing on the top half of your body.

When I’m cleaning windows…

We should probably introduce Wil to baselayers. But at least his legs are warm, and his knees protected by double thickness fabric.

Shimano SM-SH51 Cleats

Shimano cleats
Boring but important

Yes these aren’t very exciting, but we do feature everything that we are sent that we’ve not paid for. And these are the cleat of choice for a few folks at ST Towers, so we’re very glad that the kind people at Madison have sent us a little box full, as we’ve a whole bunch of new winter boots coming in that are going to need cleats.

Lezyne Sabre Tyre Levers

Sold in pairs.

These are heavy duty tyre levers, pedal spanners and a bottle opener all rolled into one. Or two, as they come in pairs. No snapping of stupid front of magazine freebie tyre lever nonsense with a pair of these. May also be put to use in the office opening beers…but wait…

Lezyne Classic Pedal ROD

Your hands want to hold it, right?

…another bottle opener, with additional spanner function. Rory at Upgrade Bikes saw us making a meal of opening beers on Fresh Goods Friday Live and figured we needed a better tool for the job. The size of the thing really isn’t done justice here, so tune in to Fresh Goods Friday Live to see it in action. Wil’s hands are not small, this thing is big.

Lezyne CNC Pedal Rod

If Cylons made bottle openers

Another bottle opener, sorry pedal wrench, this time with a CNC machined aluminium handle. Feels like it might come in handy for chasing off ramraiders too. We’re really quite excited about opening beer later thanks to these fine tools.

Stanton Super Series Grips

Ribbed grip goodness

Lock on grips with integrated alloy bar ends and tacky rubber to keep your hands where you need them.

Stanton Rigel Saddle


This is a racing saddle, so you’ll be too focused on going fast to wonder whether its name rhymes with wriggle or Nigel. Titanium rails for weight conscious racing snakes, and available in a range of colours for image conscious racing poodles.

Stanton Slackline 853 Frame

Proper steel

Ooh, another bike! Well, almost a bike. This is Jason Miles’ new long term test toy, and he’ll be playing out on this 27.5 or 27.5+ ready steel machine just as soon as he’s built it all up.

Reynolds tubing

The frame is made with new Reynolds 853 DZB triple button down tube and top tube, a Reynolds 631 44mm head tube and Reynolds 525 seat and chainstays. The aim is to deliver a bike that is comfortable for all day rides, but can still tackle the technical stuff with confidence.

Swap outs for singlespeed, 12×142, or standard QR
Nice subtle graphics and a stealthy Stealth dropper post port.
Slacky goodness.

What do you think Jason should build this new frame up with? It’ll take up to a 140mm travel fork, and it’s got loads of tyre clearance, so there’s certainly some options there. Maybe a 26+ front wheel for extra comfort, with a 700x40c rear tyre for cutting through the mud and laying the power down? You know, dragster style?

OWN FR-01 Boots

own shoes flat pedal waterproof

A new take on flat pedal shoes? We are intrigued, and there’s been a fair bit of passing these round the office for closer inspection. OWN stands for Only What’s Necessary, and shoes are pretty necessary if you don’t want your feet to get fraye at the edges, or very very cold. So what’s the deal?

own shoes flat pedal waterproof neoprene
This is one pair of shoes.

These are a ‘modular’ shoe, with a main, tough outer shoe, and separate soft inners, of which there are two. One inner is a breathable quick drying air mesh for warmer weather, while the other is a weather resistant, fleece lined softshell for not so warm weather. Both liners have D30 Decell B impact protection foam in the bottom. Apparently designed so as not to absorb water, these are supposed to be quick and easy to clean and dry. Somehow we think we’ll get plenty of chance to test that side of things out.

Shimano Boots XM9 SPD Shoes

shimano waterproof winter shoes boots laces laceup
Good for just about every ride you’ll do?

Not actually walking boots, although they should be comfortable for any hike a bike that comes your way, these are boots for all weathers and all adventures. Waterproof and breathable and heading towards Chipps’ feet.

Source Hipster Hydration Belt

chipps source fanny pack hydration bladder reservoir suspenders braces dungarees
Chipps is modelling. Sorry.

This is a pack that you wear on your hips, not a pack for carrying your craft ales. Although Source does promise that the bladder has special no plastic taste properties, so maybe you could still pick out the hop and citrus flavours. The harness can be removed if you don’t need the extra stability it provides.

chipps source fanny pack hydration bladder reservoir suspenders braces dungarees
Pack not guaranteed to make you look like a hipster.

This pack comes with a single reservoir, however you can opt for a version with two sections so you can have one for water and one for juice, or energy drink, or beer.

Ridden Crest Sweatshirt

ridden t shirt ross
Tshirts are made to order, so get ordering soon.

This sweatshirt has come in from Ridden, who are the makers of many rather fetching clothing and gifts inspired by cycling. This sweatshirt has escaped from the Advent Giveaway which is starting next, but there are other goodies to be won coming your way. Tshirts from Ridden are made to order, so if you want to get one delivered before Christmas get cracking and get your order in.

Ridden Posters


More escapees from the Advent Box Of Love. If you want to avoid another pair of slippers and a ‘Best of Top Gear’ DVD, then get yourself over to Ridden’s website and pick a few links to send to the kind of people that usually give you such rubbish.

Seriously, starting next week there’s going to be some great stuff up for grabs. From small gifts for keen riders like those offered by Ridden, to big tech components and clothing. Tune in to Facebook Live or check out the daily stories on our website to find out how to enter our daily competitions.

And there you have it. A selection of deliciously fresh goods to savour and whet your appetite for a weekend of bikes, mates, and all-round good times! In the typical Fresh Goods Friday spirit, we have a toe-tapping musical package to help ease you through the rest of your Saturday-eve, and seamlessly into the weekend. Given we’re up to our necks in the midst of deadline week, this remix of Foal’s ‘Late Night’ is also a very appropriate tune that we’re dedicating to our editorial team who have been enduring minimal sleep in order to get the new issue into your hot little hands.

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ST out.

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