WTF: Razik Epitome (Of Hell To Clean?)

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OK, it’s kind of interesting. From an engineering perspective. And our designer Crayons thinks it looks kind of cool. But Hannah is freaked out. Imagine CLEANING it. And what happens if you get something caught in it, like a twig, or a finger, or some other bodily part?

This, people, is the Razik Epitome.

Razik Epitome
Hannah wants to push it off the edge of that cliff.

The website says:

Our own blend of carbon fiber and carbon nanotube composites using Force Vector Fiber orientation combined with Ultra High Yield compaction techniques had to be cleared by the US Government for our use in bicycles.

Which all sounds very clever, and we’re all for feats of engineering. But argh! The CLEANING!

Let’s say you do manage to clean it up after a ride. With the assistance of pipe cleaners and dental floss you remove all traces of grass, mud, dog poo, worms etc from the tubing. Now how do you get it dry? Let’s hope there’s a drainage hole in that bottom bracket. And a heater in your garage to stop the thing going mouldy on the inside. And how on earth do you find a crack in a frame like that?

Razik Epitome
Made with weapon’s grade carbon. Blimey.

For sheer attention seeking, fair enough. Also, if you’ve got an army of cleaning staff to take care of little things like clay inside your down tube, fair play to you. Perhaps, just perhaps, if you live in a permanently dusty climate and you can buy yourself one of those dentists’ suckers and blowers you could keep on top of the cleaning. Hannah is quivering slightly in the corner at the prospect. CLEANING! (We sense that maybe Hannah is just a little bit obsessed by this).

Razik Epitome
White! So when you’re finished cleaning the Isotrussing you can move onto the white bits.

Or is Crayons right, this is a thing of beauty, and Hannah just limiting her horizons by thinking too much about CLEANING?

For those more adventurous of spirit than Hannah, the Epitome is $4599 for the frame. Do let us know if this would be on your wish list of n+1s, or indeed if you’ve already got your order in.

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    hat reminds me, I must buy a new cheese grater this weekend !

    makes the internal cabling less of a ballache i suppose

    Would be ok if you could shrink wrap it, or maybe cover in clingfilm before every ride?

    Would make cleaning it a lot easier too ;o)

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