Review: Morvelo Joey Shorts and Jersey

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These mainly-black bib shorts from Morvelo are going to appeal to a cyclist who’s perhaps into a certain New York punk band from ages ago. There’s a Ramones-derived design on the left leg and a large ‘Morvelo’ design on the right. There are a couple of reflective tabs on the back of each leg and luckily there is substance as well as style because they’re very, very comfortable.

Morvelo shorts
Quads of steel.

Aside from the styling, one of the most important (if not the most important) part of any pair of cycling shorts is the padding. The Italian-made chamois pad used in these shorts kept its shape well and never tried to ‘fold over’ or create any hotspots or chafing issues.

The leg grippers, neatly attached to the inside of the shorts and so invisible from the outside, were on the tight side at first (so those with legs like Roberto Carlos should watch out) but they do loosen up over time and become ‘snug’ rather than ‘tight’. The grippers did a great job of keeping things in place and when the sun came out, they ensured a reliable, even tan line.

You don’t want to be shelling out 90 quid on a pair of shorts to end up with asymmetric tan lines do you? Don’t try and tell me you’re not bothered.

The lycra material is lightweight so on their own they’re not really autumn or winter shorts, but in the warmer months (days?) they’re ideal. They are a compression fit, which means they’re supposed to increase blood flow which is supposed to allow you to ride for longer and get less knackered. Or something.

Morvelo Joey Front
Pecs of Iron. Not a pie lover.

Again, those with chunkier legs should try before they buy as the black material can go a bit ‘grey’ when stretched but again things did loosen up after a few hours. They’re a perfect length in my opinion – nowhere near the knee but not so short that they I looked like a MAMIHP (Middle Aged Man In Hot Pants).

The mesh bib is pretty standard stuff – a nice length and the front is nice and low for easy wee-stops without bending over…. which always looks weird, especially around the bushes.

The matching Ramones-inspired jersey is a snug, ‘race’ fit, which basically means it’s not going to be terribly flattering if you’re a pie lover. There’s nothing to stop you wearing it if you’ve got an ‘all bought and paid for’ physique but bear in mind you might need to go one or two sizes up. It looks really cool though – big Morvelo logos at the top and from a distance it really looks like you’re cycling in a Ramones t shirt. There’s even a small ‘Let’s go’ motif on the middle pocket. Cooool.

Morvelo Joey Rear
Back of…Aluminium?

As is fairly standard for a cycling jersey, there are 3 pockets on the rear which are nice and deep which means you can put plenty of tools, tubes, guitar plectrums and microphones in there but this means the pocket openings are quite high up, which sometimes makes access trickier if you’re trying to reach your mid-ride packet of Chewits without stopping.

Quality of the bib shorts and jersey is easily on a par with other major brands of cycling gear but with the added bonus of looking great and being designed in the UK. All the Morvelo designs are limited runs so you’re wearing something that you’re not going to see everywhere, which is a selling point for a lot of people.

Overall: Keenly-priced, stylish, well-made and comfortable. What more do you want?

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Product:Joey men's bib shorts and jersey
Price:£90 (shorts) £60 (jersey)
Tested:by Jason Miles for 6 months

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