Video: Fresh Goods Friday 315

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Are we right in trusting that you had a lovely weekend? Did you manage to get out on your bike? Did you get up to any exciting off-road adventures?

And us? Well we had a mixture of riding adventures amongst the Singletrack crew over the weekend. It started off with Fresh Goods Friday, where we were inundated with suspension forks, Camelbak goodies and new winter clothing from Ion. Then it carried on with beer, riding and Sunday roasts. Of course Chipps was having his own riding adventure too, but not so much riding on a bike as riding in a plane for most of the weekend. And after all of Chipps’s social media gloating over the past two weeks where he was riding around Lake Tahoe and Moab, it was kind of nice to know that he was spending about 24-hours in transit on his way back from the US. Not that we’re jealous or nuffin’.

mark alker poc helmet winter mud jacket dirty
Mark felt an uncontrollable urge to do some mid-ride gardening.

For the rest of us who weren’t jet-setting around the globe, it was business as usual in the Calderdale Valley. While the weather has certainly been cooling down over our way, it hasn’t been too wet (shhhh, don’t say that too loud), and so we’ve been making the most of the mildly-moist conditions by cramming in as much riding as we possibly can at the moment. Mark and Wil got out on Saturday to ride some local loops, which also involved Mark sating his appetite for mud in a spectacular over-the-bars moment that saw him face-first into the slop. If you’re picturing that right now, yes, it was as hilarious as it sounds!

We’re not sure if the ride began before or after this.

On Sunday, David and Wil went to go find some Hebden-Tech trails and somehow ended up at the pub. We’re guessing from the looks of the above photo that they actually just put on their riding gear and took their helmets into the pub to provide the illusion that they’d been riding for hours beforehand. Though they did smell like they’d been riding for a while, so we’re split 50/50 on that one.

We hope you were able to get out for some riding fun of your own on the weekend. But alas, it’s Monday, and so we must face the reality of the beginning of the working week. Don’t fear however, as we have a magic video portal that will take you back to Friday afternoon so you can get those pre-weekend vibes all over again. Enjoy, and we hope you have an excellent start to the new week!

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