Magura Releases Limited Edition MT8 Disc Brakes

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German brake manufacturer Magura has been enjoying a steady rise in popularity in recent years, following a period of where they were a little ways off the scene while Shimano and Avid dominated the disc brake market. Thanks to the likes of their latest MT brakes and the company’s signing of Danny MacAskill last year though, we’re starting to see a lot more Magura brakes on the trail. And we’re likely to see a lot more in the future after Magura announced they would be setting up a dealer-direct sales office in the UK.

While most of Magura’s new products were shown off at Eurobike, we have just received a press release about some super bright Limited Edition disc brakes that are likely to please those riders who want to add a touch of fluoro glow to their bikes.

magura disc brakes yellow fluoro limited edition carbon rotor

The Magura MT8 is the brand’s top of the line XC disc brake option, with a superlight construction that sees it coming in under 300 grams per end (just). The MT8 features a carbon fibre lever and a master cylinder that is built from Magura’s own injection-molded fibre called ‘Carbotecture SL’. The lever is ambidextrous, and uses a split clamp that allows for easy brake flipping and making adjustments to your cockpit. At the business end is an alloy calliper that uses a twin-piston design to clamp down on the rotor. You can get the stainless steel Storm SL rotor in 160, 180 and 203mm diameters.

Functionally, the Limited Edition MT8 is exactly the same as the regular MT8 disc brake. Except it’s yellow. Super-hot fluoro yellow too. Which if you’ve noticed from any of Danny MacAskill’s new videos, is the same colour as his Magura disc brakes. Noice!

magura disc brakes yellow fluoro limited edition carbon rotor
Love bright colours and lightweight XC brakes? Magura has got you covered with the new MT8 Limited Edition disc brakes.

The Magura Limited Edition MT8 Hydraulic Disc Brake Features:

  • Claimed weight: 299 grams (per end)
  • Master cylinder: Carbotecture SL
  • Lever blade: Carbolay
  • Ambidextrous lever design
  • Reach adjust: 3mm allen key
  • Split clamp mounting
  • Dual piston alloy callipers
  • Storm SL Rotors: 160/180/203mm available
  • Royal Blood mineral oil
  • RRP: 299,90 €
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